• when I was a child the newspaper came and took our picture next to a snow man we built, we were in the photo as well.
  • My photo was in one, sort of...a paper was running an article about my high school, and they took a picture of a bunch of students during a break between classes...I happened to be right in the middle of it, just walking along oblivious...
  • Yeah a couple of times that I can recall. One was a letter to the editor that I wrote concerning a pretty stupid and insulting fireworks-safety quiz that they had published the week before. Second was some kind of award I won for a pencil drawing of a head of lettuce when I was about 14. I don't remember exactly, but I was pretty proud at the time.
  • Yes twice.
  • Yes, for being current high qualifier for a bowling tournament. (Photo and small write up)
  • Yes a few times, sometimes for me and sometimes for family or even animals:-)
  • My Daughter has on numerous occasions, but I have not. She is always getting in the local paper for her sports accomplishments, and school activities. I'm very proud of her!!
  • Once, when I was 16, and it was me cooking something or other at a church picnic. Which is really funny because I hate to cook. Guess my mother signed me up.
  • nope. my brother was and so was my dad a few times...not me.
  • Yes, many times. I was the secretary of our local crimestoppers board, swimteam board vice-president, relay for life. We had different events where they took our photos. Back when I was a kid our photographs were in the paper quite a bit.
  • When I was younger My friends and I would make the police blotter all the time but they always decribed us as unidentified suspects!!! ;-0
  • i was and they mis quoted me making me look really stupid
  • In this area, if you get stopped and get a ticket they will put your name in the paper. So yes, a few times my name has been in the paper.
  • Several times actually. I have had quite a few editorials published, my picture was in the paper when I was a participant in the "Group Therapy Chili Cook-off" (Group Therapy is the name of a college bar in my town) and my picture was also in the paper on being recognized for 25 years of service to state government.
  • A few times. When I was in high school, my name and sometimes a group picture for being on the honor roll or some other academic achievement, or for being in the school band and getting "All State." Most recently I wrote an item about a historic building that was demolished in our town about 5 years ago. They didn't ask me to write it, but I did because I felt sad about the landmark being so callously destroyed. I submitted it and it was published. I entitled it "Eulogy to a Giant."

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