• A miscarriage.
  • I had to fire a friend.
  • psst experience........anyway i walked into the ware house to leave some paper work, and one of "the guys" kept flapping his arms at me...being really quick, i chuckled and went back to my desk. then i realized i had been in the washroom prior to the warehouse, and had tucked my skirt into my pantyhose, so i mooned about 20 guys.
  • I worked customer support for 8 months, don't get me started. =P
  • Pulling in on my scooter one day, and having a high-muckity-muck meet me on the main floor, taking me to HR, where a cop was sitting in the corner reading a paper. (I KNEW at that point what was happening.) The first and only time in over 15 years of working in Indianapolis (two companies) that I was hit by the "Black Monday Blues" - My position was "eliminated". Severence package, give us your pass key, sign here... Buh Bye! (Your stuff will be boxed up for you and you can get them in a few days at such-and-such.) Didn't even get a chance to get MY stuff off THEIR computer. (ALWAYS make copies for yourself, or SEND them to your home computer!) Cop followed me, to make sure I left the building. Gonna make it REAL hard to believe a new company that buys another that NO POSITIONS IN THIS DEPARTMENT WILL BE AFFECTED.
  • accidentally deleting all the user accounts from the SQL Server in a press of the button. Oops.
  • I work at a help desk for 8 years don't get me started lol.
  • Went to the hosptal for having an allergic reaction to a medication I was taking.
  • I received a phone call that informed me that my father passed away.
  • Just about jackknifed a Tractor Trailer in CT. to avoid a ten car pile up on I-91 at exit 15. I pulled out of it and drove down the median strip in the middle behind a CT. Power truck and a flat bed. On I-95 at exit 40 we all stopped to check our drawers to see if it needed changing...I came pretty damn close.
  • 80 Teamsters on the dock staging a slow-down over some petty BS.
  • Collapsed from working 12 hr. days, 7 days a week for 3 1/2 months.

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