• pick it up and wrap it back up and find another little girl to give it to. she would do without a gift.
  • I would insist that she give all of her other dolls to charity since she obviously thinks she already has too many. I'd give her a box, have her put the dolls in it, ask her to help me tape it up and drive it to the local Goodwill or other organization. I would make sure she's part of the process. Every action creates a reaction. There are many little girls who would love to have a doll to play with.
  • don't take it say the first thing that pops in their heads
  • You gotta remember that she's only 4 years old.
  • I would make sure she never got another gift from me. What kind of parents would let her get away with such rudness?
  • try to teach her to be thankful for what she is recieving and be happy. if she has too many dolls try getting her something else. at least teach her that in the future it would not be wise to say something like that around friends who give gifts.
  • I'd make sure the camera was rolling so that 12 years from now I could play it when all of her high school friends come over for a slumber party.
  • I would see that as a PRIME opportunity to shape her ideas about gifts and people and the right way to behave. Keep it simple, of course. You can make a huge difference in her thinking. I still remember things my parents told me when I was that young.
  • I would send that kid back to the adoption agency. Next!! LOL Keep the doll.
  • My little sister did something similar when she was 7. I got her literally everything she asked for, plus some things from my trip to Disneyworld. She took about $400 worth of Christmas presents, opened each one, threw it on the floor, and said, "Next!" She went through all of them until there were none left. Then she went to watch TV. The next year for Christmas I got her 2 books. I handed her the first, she unwrapped it, then she threw it on the floor. She did the same to the next one, and looked at me for the third. I told her that there wasn't one. She looked confused. I then explained that I thought this year I'd save some money by getting her two presents, and she could throw it down, pick it up, and throw it down again to her heart's content. That was literally and truly all I gave her. She learned her lesson, too. She's not done anything remotely similar since.
  • If she was my niece or a daughter of some friends for example, I'd be more diplomatic and consult with her parents the next time as to the best gift to give. I've taught my own kids not to be that way and be thankful for what they have. If they acted that way I would gently remprimend them. Many kids indeed have too many toys and the money spent on them could be handled more creatively.
  • Don't buy her anything else until she's thirty.
  • Wonder why the fuck I bought a kid dolls. I'd get her something more substantial.
  • Never give her a doll as a present again. She has enough dolls.
  • Next Christmas I'd find out the thing she wants most in the world, then pull one of these:
  • Have your own kids for extra experience in such situations. I would like to have a dozen.
  • you know people might think this is an example of bad parenting or a sppoiled kid [and it very well could be] but EVERY child has gone through a stage like this. she will likely outgrow this.
  • Realize that I just wasted my money on a spoiled brat and move on. Little you can do if it isn't your child. I also suggest you don't try to help or suggest anything to the parents. That's only going to make things heated.
  • I would have picked it up and said well you don't need this then and I guess you won't need a present next birthday or Christmas either as you have so many dolls to play with. I do feel sorry for the child as she gets labeled a brat when her parents are at fault. My sons birthday is in January and every year just before Christmas we used to take a box into his room and have him sort out any toys he didn't want anymore to make room for new ones and then we would take him to the local center to donate these toys for those children who weren't getting any.
  • Expect her parents to say something.

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