• 2005/2006 Three deaths in the family of close relatives. Two friends drive off a bridge and die soon after. Friend sence preschool dies in car accedent on his way to my house. and my best friend committed suicide. No bs. this really happened.
  • Thank God I haven't experience this yet..
  • 2007, I transitioned to high school.
  • Prolly 2007 that I can recall. 2005 was pretty insane too. This year wasn't bad except this last month.
  • 2004 ---- struck by lightning while at work
    • ARTICFOX700
      any injuries any change of life in perspective since?
  • Wow. This really should be a tough question, but it is.
  • 2007. ick
  • 2004, that is when I became ill.
  • Late 1994 & all of 1995. Because I was going through a divorce & felt like my life was over. I never thought I'd be happy again
  • 1973 was very bad because that's the year my wife sued for divorce and I counter sued for custody of the children. They were ages 1 and 8. This year is also difficult because it's the year the youngest of these children died.
  • Last year(2007)when I was searching job ,desperately!
  • A toss up between 2007 & 2008.. One reason.... my mom died:(
  • 2002 onwards till 2006.Had a total disconnect with the material world.Just wanted to run away to the Himalayas.
  • Losing my mom when i was 14. It was emotionally painful. It still hurts to this day but i think of her and i know she is in a better place and it has prepared me for the real world. When i leave home i won't have to be sad or worry about her
  • Winter of 1978 when I was living on the street in Berkeley.
  • 2004. My father died, I lost two jobs within six months, and I dated a dodgy woman. What a rotten year. And to top it all, McFly got to number one with the song "Obviously" - the worst song released all year.
  • The worst thing I ever did - and I still carry it with me to this day. I was going through a rough patch - I had lost my job, though I got one a few months later and lost a gf and my dad had died. I was feeling very alone and a gal whose husband I knew - though not well - had been trying to cheer me up. One thing led to another and we started having sex for about a month or so. Then I got her pregnant - and without telling me she had an abortion. (There would have been no doubting that it was not her husband's baby as I am white and they were both African-American.) I was destroyed and wracked with guilt and we broke it off. It took me more than a year to get my life back together, and frankly what saved me was I met a beautiful woman who I have lived with now for 10 years - we both agree that we don't want to be married - and who has given me three beautiful children. My life is better and I hope and pray that the lady I was with has found happiness in her marriage. I will never ever do such a thing ever again. For my part, though, what I did to that marriage - though last I heard they were still married - and the baby I will never know, remains with me. I am happy again, but I won't lie, there is a little part of me that still feels the pain and guilt.
    • officegirl
      Now I don't want to make light of your situation but I can't help thinking, and I will apologize in advance, do you need all those things that happened simply to impregnate someone? Is very natural to want to get together with someone and if we don't use anything or do anything to minimize the risk that can well happen. So it all sounds pretty normal as well as natural. And after all she was in part responsible as well. So I think you could be less wracked with guilt. Is natural and human to need comfort and to provide comfort. So I can't help but be very touched by your experience. Such things happen for better or worse and all we can do is try to make amends.
  • Stage 3 lung cancer diagnosis in 2013.
  • During my difficulties.
  • When I got sick, lost everything I'd worked for all my life my family, my health, my home, my hope, my desire to live.
  • Had a couple but through everything I would say right now. I always thought when I hit 50 I would be all set instead the opposite came in. However I carry on but really disappointed at the whole thing

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