• Meh, a little bit of both. Depends on what I'm working on at the time.
  • I look forward to it. I like spending my workday on AB.
  • I look forward to it..lifes to short to hate what your doing !
  • It all depends on the day.
  • I used to love it, then I got promoted and it's so hard at the moment, keeping up, so at the moment I hate it. I'll get the hang of it eventually, though :)
  • dread it - and hate it!
  • Depends, I would have to say for the most part I enjoy my job very much. I have been in the Logistics field for almost 20 years and the days still fly by.
  • I hate my job but they let me go on ab all day so I guess its alright.
  • I quite enjoy my work, i have to say.. and im only there about 4 hours a day so i look forward to it.
  • I'm starting to enjoy it more. I do dread the first work day of the week, I usually end up picking up after the previous shifts.
    • Linda Joy
      I know that feeling! Even when you open the place!! Some kids have no concept of what work is! But that was part of my job cleaning up after them so I did it the best I could and tried to teach them how to do better.
  • I love going to work, and the ability to pay my own way through life and not depending on some government programs. From my work, I could easily afford the lifestyle I've come to enjoy. Food, housing, clothing, healthcare, retirement savings, etc. Not being a bum of the government is a good feeling.
  • Maybe it's not the job but having to get up at 4 AM and drive 25 miles one way.
  • I don't dread going in to work, but I don't look forward to it either. I just work, then look forward to going home :)
  • I actually used to look forward to it ... but now the supervision has changed, everything is MUCH more stressful, and I dread it.
  • Not at all, work is great. If you dread going to work you need to look for a job you will enjoy more. We spend one third of our lives at work so its worth finding an enjoyable role.
  • some times, depending on the day and what we are doing, and who i'll be working with.
  • Not at all! I work with some real genuine people. In today's economy, just to have a job ... everyone should be happy to get up and go.
  • I dread. It's a new job less than 2 months on. Right from the start, they (employer) have been overly-enthusiastic in hiring me. But I was less than thrilled, because I have not stopped work for the 20+ years I have been working. Anyway, I started almost 3 weeks later than initially contracted. I've been tasked to do mostly processing works, getting materials ready. I see the job as assisting in clearing other colleagues' back-logs. They have tons of materials kept in cupboards waiting to clear. I don't see anything I can take ownership of. It's like doing all their dirty job and not getting any credit for it. Although it pays slightly better than my last job, I don't think I'll find any satisfaction out of it. It's a year contract work and I don't know if I'll be able to fullfil it, dreading even the thought of going in the next day.
  • i love my job and usually can't wait to see what someone wants next +
  • I don't dread it, but I can think of plenty of better things to do.
  • i wish i had a job, i hate being out of work
  • I am retired now but I loved almost every day of work.
  • During my working life I dread and look forward to going to work. I enjoyed my job, but I dread the 90-minute travel time from my home to the workplace.
  • I miss work. There were times when I dreaded it and times when I looked forward to it. Times when I worked two and three jobs and times when I stayed home all day working without pay! I loved them all and hated them all at times! But when you get to the point you dread it you need to make changes. Life is too short to spend it unhappy. Sometimes we don't have much of a choice, but there's always a choice.
  • I retired when the pandemic started.
  • I owned my business and loved every minute of it.
  • Like bigdada, I was in the logistics field. I called it being a "professional tourist". I got paid to drive around the country and even into the far reaches of Canada. I've been to every state in the contiguous 48 and have seen so many famous places and things from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to Niagara Falls - both sides (I've seen Niagara Falls more times than the average married couple) to that Aurora Borealis in the Northwest Territories. Whenever someone heard me call it "professional tourist", their reaction was usually like "WOW! How did you luck into that job?"
  • In my managerial position, managers are often responsible for a particular function or department within the organization. Everyday from Mon-Fri when I go to work, I have to be energized to make sure progress is being made.
  • I always looked forward to going to work and now miss it because I am no longer able to work. Were all my jobs good ones? No, some were not good at all, but I always tried to find something good about them and worked it from there.

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