• They need to get back to the original definition of feminist and realize the difference between Webster's version and their own.
  • say, "hey, sorry I'm ruining the empowerment of women for everyone. Got any chores for me to do?"
  • Hey, if you don't mind getting paid 75% less then men do for the same job, that's entirely up to you.
  • Everyone is entitled to have their own values. If waring what you want and voting are the ONLY ones you stand for - fine. But I gotta say if you have the brains to use a computer my guess is that you have more that you really stand for. What should you tell people who don't agree? Whatever you want.
  • That the feminism movement was not about forcing women into the work place, but to give them equal rights and well as choice. Choice means to choose if you want to be a SAHM or a career woman. If you are forced into doing what you don't want to do then that is not someone who believes in feminist values, they are someone who is looking to control you for their own reasons.
  • Add equal pay to your list and you may have a good start on what women would benefit from in the USA. Women in other countries would have a lot longer list that includes basic human rights that we take for granted.
  • G'day Youngandinlove, Thank you for your question. I'd put the arguments for your views. Personally, I would add the right to make their own decisions as for all adults but thats up to you. Regards
  • Nothing, let them thing whatever they want. If you feel comftable with the clothes you wear, who cares? Besides, just because you wear long skirts or long sleeve shirts doesn't mean you are stupid. People who think that is the real stupid, because they are giving more value the outside and they aren't thinking in the person values or personality.
  • I generally say "I don't want to be treated like a man. I want to be treated MUCH better."
  • Hey at least you know what you want. That can be hard to find in a "modern" woman.
  • Do you think that women should be entitled to the same respect, the same opportunities, and the same rights as men? I wonder if many people have a misconception as to what being a feminist means. What is it about feminism that you disagree with?
  • Good for you. I'm not going to condemn you for being a non-feminist. Just don't try to force your beliefs on me. Everyone has a say on the matter, but some people take it too far. As for myself, I'm sort of old-fashioned. I'm still a feminist because the though of being a baby-maker scares the crap out of me. I'll be glad for when my eggs run out. I don't want them. I also don't want to be owned. Some men are horrible people.
  • "I'm sorry you feel that way, thank you for your opinion, you know opinions are like..." "Oh yeah? well you're stupider"! lol "Thank you, and have nice day." Kill 'em with kindness, and it doesn't matter what THEY think, only what God thinks.
  • how about "Let's agree to disagree?"
  • ignore em baby, I'm right there with you. Do you believe what people say about you to you? no. especially : You're stupid. Stick to your guns.
  • To me, it's worse to know a man who is anti-feminist. I think it's alright whether or not a woman is a feminist. It's her own life.
  • To mind their own business.
  • What do you think about men being able to wear what they want?
  • just remember, a woman doesn't need to be a feminist to she must always command respect.
  • You tell them that feminism is supposed to be about choice. You are choosing to be old-fashioned, and they are only showing their own arrogance and ignorance by condeming you for it.

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