• Because the foods are things that are cute and delicious, hopefully like the person you love. Cupcake, cookie, etc...
  • Not really foods per se, but sweet things like sugar and honey. It makes sense because people coorelate those sweeties with sweet people!
  • Mabie because taste is closely related to attraction? Or, mabie because its hard to express emotions with words - and using foods just makes that easier.
  • Because I love lovin' and I love food
  • Wow, I have never thought of that! Mind blowing :)
  • Even sugar is named for affection.........Caffection sugar.
  • Maybe because I'm a food addict (no wonder I ended up at Weight Watchers!). They are just so...sweet! I call my s/o "sweet pea" or "honey" all of the time.
  • That's how us gals show our love for our family and friends..and ya know, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"..I also think a lot of gals don't bother cooking..they do take out brilliantly but can't be bothered to get down and dirty and actually cook. So though we are cooks or non-cooks or appreciators is one medium we can all understand, relate to and is like that, isn't it? :)
  • Sugar SweetPea CuddleCakes Honey Cookie Shortcake Pumpkin Sweetypie Butternut Angelcakes Cinimin bun Kiwi Cocoa Strudel Summer Squash Apples Peaches Cookie Dough All the good stuff!
  • Sugar Sweet Pea Cuddle Cakes Honey Cookie Shortcake Pumpkin Sweety pie Butternut Angel cakes Ciniman Cocoa Strudel Peach butter pepper honey bee cutie pie caramel pizza pie short cake sweety fudgy chocolate honey bun angel fish whale (not exactly love. i've heard that one in sort of a love/hate relationship) dumpling apple dumpling darling (there is a food called darling)
  • coz people (mostly fat people) love food and it is cute too lol =o]
  • There are a couple of reasons why. 1) We use common word associations - food is common in our lives. If you call someone "sweet", they are likely to know what it means based on their own experience. We also call people other names of things that make us feel good, like "sunshine" or things we find adorable, like "baby". 2) Sweet foods, until recently, hsve been considered "treats". They were rare and coveted. They were special.

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