• I have no idea no-one in the family has my name and i never thought to ask my mum why she named me what she did.
  • lauren bacalle
  • My mother picked my name out of the bible, of all places.
  • I wasnt named after anyone my parents know .....
  • My two grandfathers. =)
  • princess anastasia .. i don't know, my mom is nuts .. but i go by stacie because it's much easier
  • I was named after my father, backwards and in the feminine form. His first for my middle. His middle for my first. I was supposed to be a boy.
  • After Princess Anna of Kashin, a Russian Princess. My mother favored the name. =]
  • my uncle is my middle name and my last is my family name and my first is just a 7 letter word
  • I am named after my father and paternal grandmother. Dad's name is Phillip, nanny's name is Aleene. My name is Phillis Arlene.
  • i was named after my grandmother
  • My mother we have the same first name different middle names.
  • A song by Donovan (1970s) O_o
  • I was given my first name due to the holiday season in which I was born. My dad picked out my middle name, not after anyone, but just because he liked it. My god-daughter was named after me, though. Her middle name is my first name.
  • No one, I guess. Just my name someone liked.
  • No one, parents got it from a book
  • My dad named me by mixing dreamer and my late aunt anna together
  • My name is after a Native American Indian (Noconi) My mom found it in a book she was reading when she was little...and gave me the name...i like my name alot!!!
  • my father and a jewelry store......yeah real special!
  • I'm named after David in the Bible.
  • Don't have a clue.
  • "Leslie" ... old Norse ... it means "dweller of the grey fortress". ... way back in the very early Viking days, a guy from the north coast of what is now Norway, had a good idea ... clear away the massive amount of rubble rock along the fjord near what is now Hammerfast, Norway, to allow grasses to grow better and to make it safer to walk, then dump all that rock into the water to make a narrow road out to an artificial island with a naval fortress on it ... it could be easily defended. ... but no one would listen to him, so he went on a few of the very first Viking raids to Denmark, killed all adults in a number of small villages, and robbed absolutely everything of value, including seeds and animals ... he also kidnapped all the young children, took them as slaves, and forced them to pick rocks and dump them in the water ... as the fjord became very habitable and the fortress was completed, he freed and gave parcels of land to all his stolen orphans and raised an army and a navy to protect the area ... ... he became known by some as "Leslie the Great" for the quality of his final product ... but also known as "Leslie the Terrible" for the brutal way he achieved his goal ... but he commanded before he died that all new borns to whoever inhabited the central fortress be named "Leslie" ... boys & girls ... in his honour ... ... one of my ancestors has been traced to these stolen children from the year 852AD, where we then lost all further records and my family tree beyond this date remains blank. .

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