• Neve Campbell and Denise Richards beating the hell out of each other in the pool in Wild Things
  • The scene in the phone booth in the movie true romance
  • Kathleen Turner from "Body Heat" when she was seducing John Hurt.
  • Unfaithful (Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez)-I don't agree with the movie and the role she plays but the sex scenes are amazing!
  • I'm just waiting to see who will say the geriatric sex scene in Cacoon. Old men talking about their erections? GROSSSSS!!!
  • I absolutely adore the scene in 'Secretary' where James Spader first spanks Maggie Gyllenhaal over his desk. Omg I get soooo turned on every time I watch it (obviously I love being spanked lol) I'm big on this kind of bdsm :) There are other conventional love/sex scenes in movies that turn me on too but this scene holds a much deeper meaning for me. And this wasn't even 'sex' or close to it. It was such a mental thing with the dominance and submission. Very intoxicating :)
  • the scene in "Vicious Circle" where Carolyn Lowery stands up from sitting in a tub of chlorophyll water to reveal her pubic hair has turned bright green and she has to lay on a table with a plastic cover over her crotch, while a tube delivers hungry grasshoppers into it and they eat her bare. she has a similar look on her face to Jane Fonda in Barbarella when Duran-Duran uses the Orgasmitron (or what ever it was called)machine on her. I love to see a woman in the throws of an intense orgasm, with her eyes rolling and sweat glistening on her skin, moaning like she just can't take any more.
  • It's not about the scene subject, it's about the look on the woman's face. i happen to have a thing for faces and specially faces experiencing pleasure. like in this video as she is taking everything the machine can give, and loving it.
  • The whole movie Sex and Lucia starring Paz Vega is a very sexy movie with tons of sexy scenes. Killing Me Softly with Heather Graham is extremely hot also. Chloë Sevigny stars in Brown Bunny where she actually gives Vincent Gallo a real blow job for about 5 minutes and finishes him off in her mouth. That's not something you would usually see in a regular Hollywood movie. And of course Halle Berry is amazing in Monster's Ball.
  • every scene in the indie flick "lie with me"
  • From the movie "My Cousin Vinny". The scene that Pesci and Tomei are arguing over the leaky faucet, I found very romantic.
  • In Across the Universe during the song "I am the Walrus" when Jude and Lucy are getting heavy on the clear blow up bed. (Of course they were high . .) I'm moving soon, and I can't find a clear blow up bed anywhere. It's very disheartening.
  • Deffinatly that part in Taxi where like those hot ass bank robbers frisk the hot ass cop yeh thats what was up
  • The scene in Monster's Ball with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton. So hot!
  • Salma Hayek's entrance in From Dusk Til Dawn, sexiest scene ever.
  • indecent proposal, you know the scene!
  • what about the 3some scene in wild things
  • ive thought bout it prolly the one from white men cant jump in the shower
  • Understated eroticism galore with Matt Damon and Jude Law ( he's in the tub) from ' The Talented Mr. Ripley ' [ excellent flic, too ] And a scene that took me by surprise - - The hot couple in the airplane's bathroom in ' Snakes on a Plane ' ! [ a not-so-excellent flic]; it's the scene I remember most.
  • There was an interesting scene in the movie The Piano where Harvey Kitel is trying to find something on the floor under a table and the female stars legs are in front of him with a tiny hold in her stocking. He plays with the hole and touches skin. It is one of the most erotic scenes I have ever watched.
  • The Intro to "American Psycho" HOT HOT HOT (First minute and a half)
  • in "Sandy" whitelaw's the Vicious Circle where the Blind Asian Guy is Giving Carolyn Lowery a massage and explains about the harness that the women in the "Circle" wear.
  • A movie from the early 90's called "Point of Impact." There were a couple of really good ones in that movie. And being in high school at the time, I thought that was the greatest shit ever!

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