• I do. I don't usually plan on doing it as much as I do, it usually starts out as a cleaning day and I move the couch to vacuum and decide it might look better somewhere else in the room, from there chaos ensues and the next thing I know I am redoing the whole room..sometimes whole house. But it does make for refreshing a room and making things feel fresh..and also making a little excitement when you go to the kitchen barefoot in the dark at 3a.m. and forgot that you moved that wrought iron dinette into your path yesterday.
  • Do you like switching the continents around? That's how I feel about my furniture. I find the most meaningful way to arrange it for my lifestyle and I move it there. Since I've been in a rut from the third year, I don't see my lifestyle changing anytime soon. . .lol
  • Now, we change it one way for summer and one way for winter. When my kids were little, they never knew what they'd wake up to. I could paint both rooms and change the furniture and curtains while they slept...Those days are long gone.
  • I just changed my living room around this morning!! I get tired of it very fast and moving it around gives it a "new" feeling!
  • I am constantly changing my furniture...probably about 6 times a year. I like to move the tv around and then I start moving everything else. :)
  • Generally once a year. I rearrange to make room for the huge Christmas tree we buy every year, and that's coming up soon.
  • Only when I get a new piece of furniture.
  • Not really, but only if I feel a space can be improved simply by rearranging existing pieces in a more cohesive way.

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