• Guilty. They were NOT happy, but they also would not respect our desire for a small wedding so we didn't have much choice. Bet both of our parents are glad we didn't blow a ton of cash on one now (we divorced).
  • no but a girl in my italian class did, she's been married almost a month and just told her parents last weekend. i dont think i could ever do that honestly.
  • Well me and my husband got married April 25th. My parents know but, his don't. They know were "getting" married when we go up to Wisconsin in the beginning of June to see my family. My husband just didn't wanna have ne one there when we got hitched down here. Trying to be as low key as possible. Were having a reception in Wisconsin with my family and renewing our vows, so techincally we getting re-married!
  • I had to. My family was the kind who wouldn't permit me to breathe without them standing over me 24 hours a day. The only way I was allowed to do anythimg was to do it behind their back. Not only that my hubby's family was the same way. Plus the families didn't like each other anyway because of some past drama with my spoiled rotten brat sister in law (hubby's sister) and another spoiled brat cousin of mine. So it was a way of forcing our will on them the way they did us all these years. We had to make it clear we were done tolerating their crap. Part of the family didnt find out until a while later. A few knew a week or so before but none of the parents knew until a week or two later.
  • Seems that some of "us" have. Not me though! :)
  • Tried to, but they found out we were going to Las Vegas and insisted upon coming along. I wasn't happy.
  • AG, are you and your boyfriend thinking about tying the knot? If you do, just make sure you can support yourselves some how. Times is tough. I wish I could have gotten married in a simple civil ceremony and skipped the drama of the day. This coming Saturday it will be 22 years from that stressful miserable day. I just wanted to be a wife and didn't need all the controversy between the families to go with it.
  • I did. I was 18.
  • LOL :-) !
  • No, My Father was dead (but at least had a chance to talk to my wife before he passed), My mother was in the US and my In-laws were at our wedding facing our backs as witnesses.
  • Yes, they knew we were getting married, and we were planning the wedding. We just did a quick JP a few months early for legal reasons. We didn't tell them about it for 5 years though.
  • nope... I proposed with my mom in the room and she ended up being the last to know. I had the ring in my pocket to wait for the right time. we discussed it and she said "it's not like your going to do it anytime soon" so I pulled it out of my pocket and waited for the conversation to change. then I slipped it on her finger. she did not realise till I was on the last nuckle, some how my mom did not see her face.
  • I didn't but my parents eloped against my grandmother's wishes. Down the ladder, the whole bit. I always thought it was incredibly romantic but my parents just saw it as necessity.
  • Well I didn't elope but both sets of parents were not happy about how we decided to get married because none of them were allowed to be there for the ceremony itself. My now ex wife and I were very devout Mormons our families obviously are not and we decided to be married in the temple instead of just a regular ward building. We both felt strongly that we didn't want to have to wait a year for a temple marriage just so we could please our families and have a regular church one so they could be in attendance.
  • No I dont need their permission
  • When I told my dad and my brother that I was going to marry Vicky they both replied with apathy and mild surprise. I thought, "Cool, they don't wanna come. The smaller the wedding the better". I think the only person that we invited was a friend of mine from work. She canceled because she had a cold so the only people at our wedding were Vicky, I, and the guy wearing a robe. :p
  • No I havnt.:-)
  • Yes, I got married and then told my parents in a Christmas card. We all weren't speaking at the time....mainly because of the asshole I married.
  • no, and i dont think i wil ever get married without my parents nowing or their blessings.

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