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  • Yes, so to speak. The testis produce sperm best in a cool, environment, and if they are hanging loose.
  • Yes, and this is why men are advised to wear boxers, versus tighty-whitey's or briefs, if he's trying to make a baby without much success. Boxers allow the scrotum to breath and stay cool, thus producing more sperm. Whereas, other types of underwear are more fit, keeping the balls closer to the body and too warm for a high sperm count.
  • --don't know but they sure are uncomfortable to me---
  • There was a Seinfeld episode about this; Kramer was advised to switch to boxers because briefs are less conducive to fertility. To answer your question: it's true that tighter underwear/pants keep the scrotum closer to the body, making it more difficult to produce sperm. However this "damage" (if it can be called that) is not permanent.
  • If the guy likes wearing jeans, maybe it's best to go commando. That still leaves him in tight jeans, of course. Better off in a skirt or kilt! One day this will be a choice everywhere.
  • some scientists say that tight trousers and menswear might have negative impact on sperm quality

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