• "Bra" is short for "Brassiere," a French word that originally meant "a child's jacket with sleeves." It derives from an Old French word for "arms." Eventually, the word came to refer to the modern undergarment. Thus, by replacing one word with the other, we go from "a brassiere" (singular) to "a bra" (also singular). "Panties" derives from the word "pants," which was shortened from the original word "pantaloons," another French word. "Pantaloons" originally referred to a general *style* or *class* of garments either worn in Venice or assumed to have originated there. (That word was further derived from Saint Pantaleon, the patron saint of Venice.) Again, by replacement, "he's wearning pantaloons" (plural) became "he's wearing pants" (also plural). This unfortunately doesn't explain why people chose to shorten the term "Pantaloons" to "Pants" rather than "Pant," nor why "Brassiere" wasn't shortened to "Bras" (even though that is the Old French word for "arms"). :-) :-) :-)
  • Panty/pantie is the singular form of panties. Bra is singular of bras. (In modern day America)
  • I think it might be because bra is a shortened form of brassiere, a French word. Panties is a cutesy variation of underpants - which describes how they are worn, as in under pants. Pant is sometimes a singular, and then there are trousers, which I've never seen as simply trouser unless used in conjunction with another word, like trouser snake. But now I've gone rather far afield, I fear, and brought up many details in my digression that you probably were not seeking.
  • Actually, panty is also an acceptable word.
  • Our legs are bigger than our arms. (At least some of us)
  • Today, bra in French is "soutien-gorge", which means hold up the throat. Go figure that one out! Brassiere is the term used for bra in the USA since 1907. Bra is simply a shortening of the word brassiere. As for panties, I do believe the answer has already been given. Here's the source for the history for the bra.
  • i can put my bra on by holding up my arms and it slides down panties require one foot at a time, i cannot hop and jump in but i am sure some can :P +5
  • bra covers the bust panties cover the buttocks --- and the lips

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