• I'd say no. I have to say no because I really don't think dignity can be purchased, period. Very clever question, and I'm sorry I don't have a clever, humorous answer.
  • Only if they take out a high interest loan from the Bank of the Ignorant, Tasteless, Childish, and Heartless. ;) Bank of the Ignorant Tasteless Childish and Heartless
  • I suppose they long as they avoid those who know them well.
  • No..dignity is not for sale..neither is honor, integrity or morality. What you can purchase are things..plastic surgery, fancy cars, airline tickets..things outside yourself..the inner part of you is untouchable and cannot be reached by something so superficial as "money". :( If you can be corrupted, then you were corrupt to begin with.
  • Dignity is inherent in all sentient beings.
  • Dignity can not be purchased with any physical thing of value. Like, integrity, virtue, honor, respect or mastery of one's impulses it must be spiritually cultivated within each individual.
  • unfortunately yeah it can be, people can get corrupted due to several life circumstances and their morals can change making them reevaluate how much their dignity is worth and forcing them in a way to do things they wouldn't do if their moral values where intact.
  • I believe people can change. Every second is a potential fresh new slate. Dignity can be achieved (not purchased) by anyone if they sincerly wish to change for the better - and act upon that desire.
  • Depending on one's definition of both terms anything is possible.

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