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  • Got the bulk of the assets in the divorce:)
  • Ignoring him seems to work best. Drives him batty
  • Theres nothing like making him want you back all over again.
  • Getting even with exes is so immature, and very selfish. Anyone who thinks it's important to "get even" with a person who at one time you loved, doesn't really understand what love is, and doesn't deserve to be loved. No matter how much you "got even" with your ex he or she is better off without you.
  • stayed married to him :+}}
  • I stopped calling, and let go.
  • Who needs to get even? Keep your marriage together. Work it out. Compromise. See the other side.
  • date their mother
  • I went to court and was awarded sole custody of our daughter, which meant my ex no longer received child support checks that she didn't spend on our daughter. Also had her visitation suspended because I proved she was abusive to our daughter.
  • I would have given anything to rid myself of that b----h. Since I escaped, I have not tried in the least way to get even. My children still have their mother and -- I never say a bad word in front of them. Good Riddance--but I have no idea of getting even.
  • Well, I never got married but I had a relationship that went very bad--I cut one leg off every one of his suit pants, and one sleeve off of every jacket. Then I went into his drawers and cut a sleeve off of every sweater--including his prized cashmeres. Later, my dear mother told me that half our problem was my fault. In retrospect I think she was right.
  • My divorce was long ago while I was still in the service. My wife was more than fair and I hope that I was fair to her. We still speak, and I attended her marriage to another guy, and I wished them well then and still do. We were too young to have gotten married and when we divorced we recognized that we had EACH contributed to the mistake.
  • God doesn't approve of getting even--which is the equivalent of "vengance." "Vengeance is mine, sayest the Lord." Read your Bible.
  • beat up his car, keyed it, beat him up
  • Well... The night before he was to move out of the house I made him a beautiful dinner. Penne ala Vodka. He is in AA. I know the alcohol cooks out of it, but he was such a stickler for stuff like that. That is my favorite sauce.. and what he doesn't know wont hurt him. Am I evil?
  • Repeatedly slept with her?
  • Nothing, my exes and I get along really well -- we're all friends... :-)
  • The best getting even is moving on, I say
  • I've never had a reason, or a desire, to "get even" with an Ex. We dated, we broke up - thus ending our relationship. Then we both moved on. Being angry and resentful, and wanting revenge, really only hurts you - not them. The best way to get over your Ex is to move on, not to keep thinking about it.
  • well my ex's girlfriend had a habit of entering my property and causing a scene so I put a chain across my driveway and placed a no trespassing notice on her from the local PD. Yep that got to my ex.
  • nothing, i dont think it would make anything better, and i couldnt care less
  • I never get even. I think about it, but getting even makes you just as bad or even worse than the other person and usually, it always backfires.
  • Survived LOL:)
  • I moved on. That pretty much killed him, though I didn't know it would at the time.
  • ehh I don't play that game. I always lose a couple pounds somehow though, it's weird. But I'm always extra nice and sweet to them if I see 'em in public, like I've never been happier. I usually move on (or appear to have moved on) pretty quickly.
  • Can't believe I'm answering this... About 20 years ago, before I met my husband I had a boy friend who broke my heart. Turned out to be real sleaze bag and, now that I look back at it, actually did me a favor. No way he can compete with my husband, in all areas *wink*... When I found out he was sleeping with another girl, I broke off with him. I worked for a grocery store and got the idea to start sending him magazines. You know all of those little 3x5 cards that are stuck throughout magazines, for subscriptions? Well, anytime I found one, I'd pick it up, put his name on it and send it off. I'd go to book stores and shake the magazines open to get the subsriptions out of them. He had no way to trace it back to me (although, i think he knew it was me...I mean, who else?). I just loved the idea of having his mailbox STUFFED with all these stupid magazines. Looking back, I know it was a wrong thing to do...cost the magazine ppl money, and the POOR mail guy...
  • nothing.....I was the one who was dumped and hurt...but I still loved him after it was all over...The hardest thing was just letting him go because that was what he wanted...If I still had the desire to get even..then to me that would mean that I wasn't over him.
  • Nothing, the guy already lost me (a good thing) so that's pay i don't want to waste my time and energy on getting even with a loser.
  • Not a damn thing. I figure being a low-life asshole is punishment enough for anyone.
  • I don't waste one bit of effort to 'get even'.....being happier is enough...and that he knows I have remarried and have lovely home and life tope it off for me.
  • I am still very good friends with my ex, We were married for 12 years and had no children but divorced for reasons that neither of us can really remember anymore.She married one of my friends, I warned her he was kind of a jerk but she didn't listen. I moved west, bought a ranch and train horses and have been living with a woman 15 years younger than my ex for over 15 years now. I know that bothers her to some degree because I did end up doing everything we had planned, I just did it with someone else. I didn't do it to get even with her though. I just went on with my lifes ambitions without her. The guy I warned her about turned out to be a drunk. She is still married to him but unhappily. I feel bad for her. She is not hateful though and neither am I. We still say "I love you" to each other even though it's been almost 20 years since we saw each other face to face. She's just a good friend.
  • Nothing just yet.
  • Nothing. I am not that way. Me and my wife are seperating over matters that we have trouble solving at home. We are going to remain friends.
  • I don't feel the need to get even. He did me very dirty and wrong, but I'm not going to stoop to his level!
  • Many years ago, I just knocked up her sister. That outta show her.
  • He did that himself..
  • I married his best friend.

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