• No, not at all as far as I'm concerned. I am proud of my heritage.
  • No. Not in my opinion. If we all welcome, embrace, respect, and appreciate each other ethnicities, I dont see why there should be a problem. The problem begins when one ethnic group attents to stablish preponderance over the others. When a particular group thinks they are better or superior than others then acts upon that idea.
  • No..labels are is what is inside, our attitudes, that divide us.:(
  • I don't i'm biracel i'm black native amrican and irish so now since i'm just seen as black I'm proud of all of my mixed blood
  • no that just gives you a little insight of where you came from
  • i got better terms for u a dude guy person human see thats how u do don't accept seperation by pen and paper we live in the same world PERIOD
  • I couldn't say more strongly that I think they do. I am American. My loyalty and my pride is with this country. If you were born in another country and acquired citizenship then I think I am ok with it. But I haven't met too many _______-Americans who are referring to anything more than their Ancestry. If you are an American then be an American. I don't care where your forefathers came from. If you were born here and are proud of it then have the pride to say you are an "American"
  • Not really.
  • Only if you take them too seriously or use them to exclude others.

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