• Not to be an idiot, not to pander to lobbies just because they have money, the ability to see when something is no longer a good idea, not having been an alcoholic or a cokehead, and the ability to speak proper English would be a good start.
  • G'day Orderandlaw, Thank you for your question. I would want someone smart, intelligent, strong and decisive. Whether we end up with someone like that is another question. Regards
  • I think he should be smart, pacifist and honest ...
    • Hardcore Conservative
      How will being a pacifist help?
  • Someone who listens, and wants to learn.
  • I am not even getting my hopes up!
  • Look at Senator Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii as an excellent example.
  • Intelligence. Honesty. Focus. Humility. Compassion. Integrity. Resolve.
  • good ones
  • Anything will be better than the current clown.
  • Guts enough to stand up to the Bureaucracy and get the USA back to the intent of the U.S. Constitution. To get rid of those things in violation of the Constitution such as the Federal Reserve Corporation.
    • mushroom
      Before the Civil War, State chartered banks issued their own notes, which frequently were traded at a discount in distant States. The State banks themselves also suffered from lack of cash on hand, since they could only hold State bonds which were not liquid enough. Following the issuing of Government notes, banks were required to keep substantial reserves of cash. gold, etc. in their vaults, but could not release these reserves to customers, which lead to suspended payments and panics. The Panic of 1907 led Congress to authorize banks to issue emergency currency, while a solution to bank problems was developed. Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913.

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