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  • I believe that if being done in a responsible manner and not infringing on the freedom of others who may not agree with it, then it should not be a problem. We all have a right to do what we want as long as we are causing no intentional harm to others. As Ben Harper said: "If you don't like my fire, then don't come around, 'cause I'm gonna burn one down". . I don't toke, but I see no reason why people should be criticised for it. It is their choice after all.
  • many highly intelligent, very famous people have been frequent tokers, carl sagan being one. all i can say is that daily use is not conducive to my mental stability. it's fine for most people, i'm one of the unlucky few that cannot do it, though every few days seems to be fine ;) i don't think it's stupid at all, just for me ;) spark it up brah!
  • i have ADD, and i work with my grandpa. he's a nazi. when i don't smoke, we fight all day because he says i'm "off-task". when i do a wake and bake, no fighting. ADD is one of the MANY health and psycho-physical issues that marijuana has the power to help. dealing with ignorance is another. when i'm stoned and i'm bein bashed on, i don't sweat it. when i'm not, i fight to the death. like the Kottonmouth Kings said: "How would life be if the world smoked weed? Guaranteed there'd be peace, not greed." the whole world would be in a better place with international relations and the environment if everyone smoked a few bowls every day. or a half ounce :) look at the hobbits, they're peaceful.

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