• Spinning out for no good reason. Or when it stalled and I thought it was going to explode.
  • Driving a junker like it was a hotrod and blaring music at all hours while out cruisin.
  • a 1978 Oldsmobile Delta-88, brown with spoke rims and a vinyl top. The sucker was a tank with a trunk big enough for a hot tub. I got it for 800 bucks from some old lady that had it for 13 yrs and only drove it once week. it was a beast but it was my first taste fo freedom..kinda wish I had it now, I'd pimp it
  • The close friend of mine who owned it before he died and left it to me.
  • Gas priced at under 30¢ a gallon. (Yes, not under $3.00, under 30 cents.)
  • The magic makeout mobile- any two people over the age of 15 would start making out in the backseat within 15 minutes, regardless of sexual orientation or whether they actually liked eachother.
  • Driving off road all over the dunes and the mountains.
  • Ahhh... Detroit Iron! 1965 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88. Big enough for the whole band, with a trunk big enough for an entire PA system :) Driving with all the windows down, I had a tiny wind chime hanging from the rear view mirror. 4 people in the back, 3 of us in the front... off to the beach!!
  • It was a 1977 Toyota Corona. Ummm. . .sex and beer.
  • peice of crap....FORD
  • Being 17 and fresh out of high school.
  • Scrimped and saved my minimum wage of $4.25 to get a 1984 Ford Escort with a four on the floor for like $800. The last car I bought, a LeBaron convertable, I went to the car lot, said "I want that one." Whipped out the cash and drove off. Still, liked the first car better, just because it felt I earned it more. The one whom I was dating, who is now my wife, gave up on 'going out' for like a year to allow me to save the money to buy that grey beauty. PS She drives the convertable.
  • The time I was driving to class in the afternoon and an old guy with a respirator ran a stop sign whilst there was a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. I plowed into him slowing down from 25 MPH. It was a residential neighborhood and I was driving an Eddy Bauer 1987 Ford Bronco II.
  • Accident... :(
  • 1975 VW hatchback. Backed up in a parking lot facing the beach. The Gulf of Mexico, between Fort Walton & Panama City Beach Florida. I lost my virginity. Name of car? Rabbit.
  • Chasing after a Peeping Tom while trying to fasten my trousers.
  • excited to have a car driving just to drive going no where
  • What a peice of junk
  • A ball of flames in a multi-story car park! Here's the story:-
  • Parking near the woods drinking coffee and the combat zone in the 70s.
  • Parking by the water and trees drinking coffee. Beer drinking and barfing out the window. Boston Combat Zone in the late 70s and driving through the blizzard of 78 to and from Papa Geno's with all the beer and pizza I could take and.cruising with Billy Joel My Life blasting out. Smoking a few joints and crashing the car.
  • Polishing that Jet black 63 Chevy Impala. A week later blowing a piston rod. When Dad noticed the oil was low, I put too much in there and contributed to its short life.
  • A grand torino! I got it up to 105 mph on a straight stretch going to pick up my honey! Lol What an idiotic thing to do!
  • Mine was a 1967 Opel Kadette, got it new.$2,495!! still have the window sticker....back then that amount may as well have been 100,000!! I was so scared about making car payments; never did it before!! but I survived!! lol.....I LOVED that little car; ;it was off-white with RED interior, and 4 on the floor......Most of all I miss the color interiors they had back then. HATE all the bland interior colors on cars these days!!
  • Driving 105 mph for the first and last time.
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