• count sheep or take a sleep aid
  • That depends on your daily routine or if you have any sleeping problems, something that helps you sleep is melatonin, your own body produces it when there is an absence of light. Also your circadian rhythm controls your sleep, it is basically your body temperature, so when you have a high body temperature you won't be able to sleep. The point here is to make it very low so you will be able to sleep faster and better. When lights enters your eyes your temperature will rise and melatonin will drop. When your body temperature is very high at once, it will drop a lot a little later, that's why after you exercise a lot you usually feel cold and drowsy. So spend a lot of time on the light or buy some bright light boxes and do exercise so your temperature will stay high most of the day.
  • Read until you can't hold your eyes open any longer.
  • i take benadryl cause of allergies, thats how i fall asleep

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