• you can get thousands for part of a healthy liver, if i had one you better believe ide sell grows back after all
  • what?! your liver does not not grow back! yes it does pay alot but i wudnt do it just to the money to use, if a father has a daughter or close relative that is on the verge of dying, and he does have a chance to help that person, i dont see why it is morally unacceptable... it is worse to live knowing that you have saved a life, and also still be alive(maybe missing a kidney) than to have lost a close relative that you know you had the power to save.
    • Linda Joy
      "Liver donors provide part of the liver to a recipient. The livers of both the donor and recipient grow back to full size approximately three months after the surgery. There is no financial or medical benefit to donating a kidney or part of your liver, but helping another person live can be a very rewarding experience."
    • mushroom
      Sounds like one of those business ads in the back of a magazine: "GROW Kidneys for Profit." Make $5000-$50000 yearly. Complete, fully illustrated 128 page manual.
    • Linda Joy
      Just providing accurate information for the ignorant, or google deficient!
  • Could become a regular part of our society, or I fear already is a "black market," business.
  • Nobody "harvests" selling their organs. Though selling semen and blood plasma has been going on for decades. It's one of those "democratic" ills of if you don't make it legal and profitable then someone else will make the profits instead.
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong again. As usual!
  • at least people that need them are getting them, maybe i should do that
  • Most of them are either desperate, ill informed or illegally traded, though. Simply selling blood, eggs, breast milk or semen would get a good wage for such people who look after themselves and no death or surgery involved.
  • People should be able to do whatever they like with their own bodies and, in that regard, they can keep their morally accepted practices to themselves.
  • No, that's why its illegal in the US. "Under the federal National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (NOTA) -- found in Title 42, section 274e of the U.S. Code -- anyone convicted of buying or selling human organs in the United States faces a five-year prison sentence and/or a fine of up to $50,000. Since the language of the law explicitly states that it is a crime for an individual to "knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer" a human organ, it allows safe harbor for those who unknowingly receive an illegally procured organ. Reimbursement for Donating an Organ While you may not sell an organ, you may have some of your expenses related to the donation procedure reimbursed."
  • i think they should give it away and not sell it
  • How could it be immoral when you're saving someone else's life with your organ
  • No. But when it actually comes down to it survival often wins over what is morally acceptable. If not Les Mis would never have been si? And there wouldn't be near as many prostitutes or children sold to perverts. There are lots of things worse than organ harvesting.
  • I thought we weren't allowed to tell people what to do with their bodies. Or is that just women and abortions?

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