• Starbucks is a good place for a 1st Date.
  • Not if she's used to Tim Horton's coffee starbucks has a demonic brew.
  • yeah its a public place so your not to uncomfortable! and its a semi quiet environment so plenty of time to talk!
  • If at least one of you is a good conversationalist, it might be, but there isn't much to do at Starbucks so if you can't keep her/his interests through conversation, you're gonna bore them.
  • I wouldnt call Starbucks a date. That's just a safe, neutral location where you only have to spend an hour over a beverage chatting and getting to know each other to see if you want to ask someone out. If all goes well, at the end you can say something to the effect, "Well this has been fun, would you like to continue the good time and go to the movies this weekend?" For me Starbucks is the set up to a real date. However if you are still in the getting to know you stage call what you want, just go.
  • it sounds okay to me

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