• About the parties and what goes on. A mulatto, an albino and Kurt Cobain's/the subject's libido. The mosquito is about STDs and their spread. How a mosquito with a disease can spread it very quickly. Same with these STDs before, during, after but in any case, around that time. STDs were spreading faster and faster, and so the mosquito is the STD.
  • I reckon it's actually pretty random. Kurt often stated in interviews that the music comes first, lyrics were often made up to fit the music. the interviews also included quite a few random comments as he got pretty bored having to do them all the time. i doubt there is any real meaning, probably just words that fit together, semi-rhyme and sound pretty cool... he was on a lot of drugs too! The greastest rock/grunge/ alternative band ever, though!
  • Those things a mulato and albino dont fit well into society, mosquitos are hated and swatted write away. A labido is the energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation. In other words the line is about not fitting in.
  • I think that Kurt might have liked the song "Leuie, Leuie" and so he wrote songs that SEEMED not to make sense. Listen to "On A Plain".
  • My take is that Cobain felt pretty powerless and the items listed are pretty insignificant in the eyes of history. He compares them to his libido (sex drive) an area that suffers badly from the effects of heavy heroin use. A laundry list of the sh*t upon. Sounds like Cobain to me.
  • It means Kurt Cobain was on drugs.
  • they are are about being hated or not fitting in. jusst look up the words and you will see
  • Does every lyric have to mean something? Just listen and enjoy.
  • he uses the mulatto, albino, and mosquito to compare how his sex drive (libido) has been working... or not i should say. all the heroin he used was messing with not only his life, but also his libido.
  • This is about drugs and not fitting in. He is talking sbout himself and his bandmates with this line. These words are racial slurs except for the libido part, thats about his sex drive which he doesnt have because of the heroin...."here we are now entertain us, an albino (white person), a mulatto(part/some black), a mosquito(jew), my libido"
  • hey.... first i am going to say that nirvana is probably one of the best bands in the world... what was good was the unique style of singing and also that they did not want to play there music for fame and money but to express there passionat love for music. any way... the word "albino" is used as a type of animal such as a gini pig (cant be bothered to try and spell that) witch is basically a gini pig with white fur and red eyes... and the word "mulatto" is used to describe a half black person... basically some one who has a white mother or father and a black mother or father a mix of both white and the lyrics "A mulatto an albino" basically means "A half back person, an white fured red eyed creature" but that docent sound as good as the original version... =)
  • He wanted to make it easy for Weird Al to parody his song!
  • It's the process of shooting up. An albino = the white appearance of heroin. A mulato= the mixture of the heroin with the blood extracted about to be pumped back into his vein. A mosquito= the little pinching feeling of the needle in his skin, like being bitten by a mosquito. My libido= the adverse effect the heroin has on his sex drive kicking in.
  • It rhymed and souned good to him, but serously just enjoy the music.

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