• We honestly don't know yet. We think gravity is a force which curves space in the vicinity of material objects. Some have proposed that the gravitational force originates in a parallel universe, but proving that would be a real trick. : )
  • Gravity is a force of attraction between any two things that have a property we call mass. Isaac Newton showed that the force between two masses is proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Einstein's theory of General Relativity relates mass and gravitation to the curvature of 4-dimensional space-time. Compared to the other fundamental forces of nature (there are 4 all together), gravity is extremely weak and only becomes significant for objects with very large mass. There is, as yet, no quantum theory of gravity. The graviton is a hypothetical particle. How gravity arises from the fundamental particles of nature, and why it has its unique properties, and what determines the masses of particles, is still a huge mystery waiting to be solved.
  • Things fall down... ;-)
  • gravity draws all thongs towards earth. because earth has a bigger mass than us we get "drawn" to it, thats why we fall. thats also why rockets have to go super fast because if the dont, spaceships will just keep on orbiting eartg

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