• The fastest speed is by Mrs. Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon. She can maintain 150 wpm for 50 min (37,500 key strokes) and attains a speed of 170 wpm using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) system. Her top speed was recorded at 212 wpm.
  • Actually, I can maintain a wpm of 6 billion words per millisecond. When I type, my keyboard literally disintegrates. At this very moment, I'm typing on thousands of new keyboards which I buy every single minute to support my typing speed. One day, I'll get a keyboard that can resist melting. Note: This message took only .001 nanoseconds to type.
  • Fastest runner can type very fast, the speed he runs is being added to typing speed
  • None per hour
  • Re: some idiot 6 billion words per millisecond. Ppfff. When I type my fingers move so fast, I actually time travel. This message is coming 6 months prior to the original question being thought. I used to do data entry for this one firm, and had to quit because my job created a serious moral quandary. I have a ethical obligation not to go back in time and alter the past as I do not know the consequences it may have on the future. I once went back in time to pick some winning lottery tickets, and the library of Alexandria vanished, weird stuff.
  • Someone somehow saw something somewhere.
  • the clown has no penis
  • you are all liars 6 biliion words per a minute my but
  • When I type I generate air circulation that gives comarable lift to a rocket jet pack - I had a custom keyboard harness made to keep on me because once I got about 10 feet off the ground without the keyboard I'd fall back down - I could soar with the birds and through the mountain tops. It was very risky though because one time I was eating ice cream with one hand and typing with the other in mid air and had a brain freeze that sent me pummeling into the top of a water tower, not only did I break my fingers that day, but I broke my heart. Now I just have the story to re-live in memory and tell to all of you, it was magnificent.
  • Mine was 122 words per minute. But that was a long time ago. +3
  • The fastest recorded Time as of 2009 was set by Professor Smith Jones, at a record speed of 310wpm.
  • you know all the concern regarding climate change & global warming, yeah, that's me. I type so f**king fast that in my lifetime, since I've been using my PC I have literally changed the governing forces which control our existence! ...sorry about that.
  • I Type so fast that the computer undoes what I type because it is not fast enough to process my information.
  • well i can type so fast that in reality i have not even been born yet. How is this possible you ask, well it is if yo can type 300 trillion words in -.00001 milliseconds. all i can say is keep practicing and maybe you will type just as fast as i can. you ask why i did not capitalize my i's, well in the past you don't. so just live with it. Any ways i got to go, i have reversed time enough how it is.
  • I can type HUNDREDS of words per minute, but not in any known language.

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