• This schematic for one channel is easy to build and works well. All the best- Alanr
  • Hopefully, you will receive this schematic- rgds alan
  • Yes there are many. The earliest is in the old Audio Anthology book, others can be found in old 1960s audio and electronic magazines and in transistor manuals from the 60s and 70s. Your library will have resources you can look up articles in these magazines and have copies made. Pete Millett has dozens of old free electronics books out of copyright you can download. i don't know if any have bipolar transistor circuits for preamps but you can look. Use Google to find his site. Commercial all discrete solid state preamps include the Marantz 7T and the Mcintosh C26. Schematics for these are out there, I know Millett has the McIntosh on his site. The blue and white Audio Cyclopedia has a couple of solid state line amplifiers and may have a solid state RIAA section somewhere.
  • Try this one:
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