• Nahh, if I want to answer a question, I answer it. Points are like money: nice to have, but not something to worry too much over.
  • I have no idea why I should not answer your questions, so I will continue to do so. I do not think a Troll would stop me answering any question I wanted to answer. :>)
  • Nah. I like your questions.
  • You have a troll? Bloody hell :( I always feel like such a stereotype when I say 'bloody hell'. Anyways, of course not! If I want to answer, I'll answer. And I do. So here it is :)
  • nope not a chance ;-) ((HUGS)) to you
  • If I actually know the answer to a question, or can make it up, I will answer it...troll related or not!
  • I was unaware of the troll you speak of...but even if I had known I wouldn't care. I'll answer any question of yours that I can, we'll show it!
  • not on their living under a bridge lives!
  • nope~not a chance :) we've all been getting hit quite a bit lately but it doesn't stop me from having great conversation with my ab friends.....they can kiss my bootie~lol *hugs back @ ya*
  • Nope I won't, let the trolls do what they do best it only shows their true motivation for being here. So keep asking away.
  • I still don't get it! Why do trolls tend to follow people around. Do you mean the down rating thing? I have had that happen to me a few times but I thought they were being prejudice because of an answer I gave, didn't agree or whatever. You know what I mean?
  • No way ~ if i wanna answer your questions ~ I will ((((hugs)))
  • No. I would never do this. I see you have still quite high percentages on your questions and answers, and very few Q&A with overall negative ratings, so you don't seem to be intensively trolled yourself. I'll check those. The only problem with your profile is a relatively low +% in moderating, but that does not come from trolling. Maybe you have to be more carefull with your flagging. Moreover, you have reached a very high level in a very short time, so I don't really see a problem.
  • Sorry this is happening to you sweetie:( I love running into you:)
  • Nah... I like your questions, and you KNOW I like YOU, too, Jen... BTW: See . Again, you have MORE THAN ONE relatively high-level troll. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. You DO know what happens to trolls and their followers, don't you? The FOLLOWERS get dumped into the sewer (read Penalty Box), leaving the troll to forge on alone... Maybe (s)he'll learn to be more careful, huh? (LOLOLOLOL I made a FUNNY!) ;-)
  • HELLNO! LeeLee is here for you! (((Hugs Sweetness)))
  • No worries Jen-Jen,Trolls are just nuts. I am here to answer no matter what! (((HUGS)))
  • This Troll stuff is unfortunate. I got hit a time or 2 last week for some reason or another. some peeps just like taking the fun out of things I guess. Im with ya Jen!

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