• At least we don't lie about it...
  • Most of the women I hang around readily discuss their ages. That's because they're mostly 18 and 19, though. I think older women tend not to discuss their ages, as if they're ashamed of them. Seems silly to me. I think that many people don't act their ages. I know plenty of immature men and women. Proportionately, I feel there are more immature men, though.
  • Sounds about right.
  • Safe assessment
  • true true ..
  • I think its true, you hit that nail right on the head:)
  • I guess in some cases... I'm a 23 year old woman and act about 17, as 17 year old guys will lie about their age to be with an older woman, so I think sometimes, it's flipped.
  • LOL yes
  • and the other way around
  • It's not true in my opinion. Guess it just depends on who your hangin with.
  • This is not true in my experience. I am 46 and have no problem admitting it, in fact most of the women I know have no problem with their ages. Many of the men I know and have as friends are very responsible people who act their age for the most part but like anyone let their hair down now and then.
  • I admit my age. I've told everybody for years that I was only 15 d#mn 't. I just don't always tell how long I've been 15. If you ask my sons how old I am they'll tell you 15. They are 28 and 32. There is logic behind this. When I was 15, I was sweet and innocent. When you are sweet and innocent, you can be an innocent bystander. If you are an innocent bystander, you can get by with murder. I'm 15 d#mn't. for 38 years. I rest my case. Really it depends on your age rather you're willing to admit it or not. Young people don't want others to think they are too young and older people don't want people to think they are too old. Guys rarely ever grow up, they just grow old. "Age is a state of mind... just don't ask me what state I'm in".
  • My experience is that your question is correct. Older women are hesitant to tell their true age and men do behave a few notches below their age at times.
  • I do find many women who lie about their age.I always tell the truth about my age. I'm in the fabulous 40's and truly loving life. I've always looked at least 15 yrs younger than I actually am,and I can thank good genes and wonderful health for that.I've had pseudo friends who I was around who would ask me to lie about my age;but I didn't.I figured if they don't like me or want to be with me because of my age; then they're very shallow.Come to find out those pseudo friends were very shallow. As far as men acting their age; they never grow up, never!
  • Okay. I'll go with that.
  • In some circumstances that could be true or a parody of the truth.
  • Women probably can't remember their age. Half that time I still think that I'm 25 even though I'm 26. As far as guys go, I don't really know their story, but as long as they know when to act like an adult and when to act a kid, then its okay.
  • No, women do admit their age, but they lie. According to my survey, a brunette will reduce 10 - 15% of her age, e.g. 30 = 28 or 29, while a Blondie will reduce 20 - 30% of her age by lying
  • I don't know why women, or men for that matter, have such a fear of admitting their true age. I've never had a problem. You are born, you grow old, you die...nowhere is "you are scared of getting old so you nip and tuck yourself until you look like Michael Jackson" in that scenario. I think that trying to look younger than they are causes women to try to act younger than they I think women are just as guilty, if not more so, of not acting their age. I think that is a big problem..this "acting"..stop acting and start being who you are! :)
  • That is probably very true in a lot of cases.
  • I think it is true but I wish it weren't. I am 27 and have recently thought about lying about my age! My boyfriend is also 27 but he acts much younger sometimes.
  • LOL, this is a funny question I love it! I think after women get past a certain age, they don't really like to tell it. And men do not act their age!!!! Whazzup with that????
  • I don't know why anyone would lie about their age. Don't they realize if they take things to the next level they will almost definitely get caught and just look like a huge liar? As a woman I am not afraid to state my age as much as I am afraid of wrinking/aging prematurely. I spend my energy on keeping myself looking good- not trying to remember who I lied to and when. And men- well... some men never grow old but that just makes them more charming :)
  • I freely admit my age because I actually look ten years older than I am. As for ACTING my age? How are we supposed to act at a certain age? Is there a chart you ladies keep hidden away by which to track our progress. Hmmm Let's see here... He just turned 52 (not my real age :P) so he's supposed to walk with a cane? Have E.D.? Never have a laugh? Never watch baseball?
  • yes as women dont like getting old and i am nearly 30 but have acted the same since i was in my teens

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