• 1) Deciduous 2) Evergreen -- conifers are here
  • "The two great classes of trees are the gymnosperms and angiosperms. The gymnosperms do not produce flowers, but rather, produce naked seeds usually attached to the scale of a cone (such as a pine cone). The angiosperms do produce flowers which in turn become seed-bearing fruits (or nuts). More commonly, the gymnosperms are called evergreens, though this is not an accurate term because some angiosperms are evergreen (such as palms and the live oak). Also, the Ginkgo is a gymnosperm, but it is not evergreen. Gymnosperms and angiosperms are also commonly referred to as softwoods and hardwoods though those terms are not terribly accurate either, as several gymnosperms have hard wood and several angiosperms have soft wood." Source and further information:
  • Classification There are two classes of trees: gymnosperm and angiosperm. First came the gymnosperms (primarily conifers), about 300 million years ago, and later, about 160 million years ago, the angiosperms (flowering trees). The two classes are distinguished by the placement of the seeds, i.e., Gymnosperm: The seeds are naked (exposed) -- as, for example, in the cones of a pine. Angiosperm: The seeds are enclosed -- as, for example, in the keys of a maple. The gymosperms, or conifers, are commonly referred to as evergreen; the angiosperms as deciduous. Here is a summary of the main characteristics of the two classes: Angiosperm (Deciduous) Deciduous (leaves are shed annually) -- but there are a few evergreen exceptions: arbutus, holly, some oaks, some laurel, palms etc.; The ficus plant and banana is also in this class Flowering; Enclosed-seeds; Broad-leaved. Gymnosperm or Conifer (Evergreen) Evergreen -- but there are a few deciduous exceptions: bald cypress, larch (tamarack); Non-flowering; Naked-seeds in cones -- but there are a few exceptions: juniper and yew have a berry-like fruit; Needle-shaped or scale-shaped leaves. Also in the group is the Ginko Biloba tree from China and the Cycads (SAGO PALM) The bamboos are not trees but grasses they gr
  • Well, According to RUSH the Oaks and the Maples,lol.
    • Nosmo King
  • Deciduous and evergreen?
  • I don't know, I wasn't in school with any trees. Lol:)

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