• One of the factors of ice ages is a set of astronomical cycles called the Milankovitch cycles. They phase in and out and can influence warming and cooling trends, though other things greenhouse gases, continental drift, and volcanism are probably larger contributors. You can find more info about these cycles here: The age (and end of the age) of dinosaurs has been linked to an asteroid from the Kuiper belt and volcanoes, and as such are not thought to be related to factors outside of the solar system.
  • The Solar System orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes several million years to complete one orbit. The position of the Solar System in the Galaxy may affect the Earth's exposure to various interstellar phenomena including radiation. But the effects of these phenomena on the history of life on Earth are not known.
  • in essence you have a possible link, the term 'seasonal trip' could well be upon us, a 50,000 year cycle seems to be on the turn at the moment..........with talk of polar reversing, earth wobbling, internal thermomoter out of kilta, among other things.........
  • I've read a theory that some of the past ice ages might have been caused by the Solar System moving into gas clouds, and thus reducing the light reaching Earth. But I'm not sure how accepted this theory is.

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