• I don't judge my life based on other people.
  • i want to have kids so in some ways yes
  • I couldn't imagine my life without my kids, but I wouldn't consider myself a failure if I couldn't have them, I hope.
  • No way. If I wanted to be around kids, but not have them , I could always have been a teacher, or dote on nieces and nephews That would have satisfied my mother instincts. My younger sister choose not to have children and she has not regretted one day.
  • In a way I do. I can't have any and that sort of makes me feel like a failure. I know it shouldn't, but at times it does.
  • In some ways, yes. I always wanted to have children, but recently that's changed for various reasons which are pretty much all my own fault. So now given I've needlessly destroyed the dream I once had, I feel like I ruined my life a bit -- thus the failure complex. But there are a lot of other things that contribute to the success of my life, so just because one part has gone wrong it doesn't mean my life as a whole has failed. It's just a case of shifting priorities and concentrating on my career instead.
  • NO, I would not think that it is a failure if I did not have kids. I have friends that do not have kids that love their lives. one couple travels all over the world but when they are home they take time to help people as much as they can. They are not living a selfish life. Another couple spend time with others kids even coaching league ball with a friend.
  • IMHO, no, absolutely not. I don't believe that the only way a person can live a successful life is to be a parent. I am very blessed to have children, but I have known many who chose not to, or were unable to have a family, and their lives have been full and rewarding.
  • Not necessarily a failure, no. The thing is, though, having children gives my life more meaning and fulfillment than anything else I have ever experienced. For me, there IS no greater source of true happiness. I know that no matter what else happens in my life, I'm a Mother to a beautiful child who makes the lives of countless people happy and better just by being in it. Some people are able to find that kind of happiness from their careers, or their personal relationships, or even their pets. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but I would feel like something was "missing" if I didn't have children.
  • I wouldn't consider myself a failure. But I would probably have feelings of contributing less than those who had kids. Unless I cured cancer invented the internet or something.
  • I don't think so. I also wouldn't say life was a success because you had children. There are tons of crappy parents out there. There really isn't a preset goal to life.
  • No, not at all. I feel good when I think about how we've done our little part to help defuse the population bomb.
  • Only if the only thing in life that ever counts for anything is popping out babies and since that happens almost entirely by accident much of the time it's not much of an achievement. (not always true, I know. I have no children) Rearing children well is another matter.. That's a challenge for most people. especially with insular families. Children don't get as much experience of looking after others as they used to, so when that baby is dropped in their arms, it's a whole new ballgame. If you bring them up well you have something to be proud of. But even so, there are many other things that make a life worthwhile. What that would be depends on the individual.
  • Hell no! I think that those who believe that we exist ONLY to reproduce have issues. Breeding isn't for everybody.
  • I have a child. If I didn't have a child, I wouldn't consider my life a failure.
  • I never had children. I'm not a failure. Just very financially responsible. And I get to sleep late every day :)
  • No, I chose to never have children because of hereditary disease in my family. I am a success because i am happily married, a tax-paying member of society, with a job, a college degree, have never been in jail, have good friends, and fun hobbies. You cant base your entire life on one single Role.
  • Only a breeder would think that. I chose to never have children and I'm pursuing a career in the construction field. I don't want to give all my money away on child support and have to take care of these little brats.
  • Having children is only part of life for those who want them. They should not define your entire existence.
  • I would think it is a failure if I DID have kids. I see the way this world is going, and I would hate to bring children into it. Add to that that I am indifferent to kids anyway, it would be a disaster if I were to have any.
  • I cannot have children so I enjoy other peoples children and have raised my nephew. The fact that I could not experience pregnancy or give birth has not been a problem for me. I love children but there are so many around that I can give my love to.
  • I don't think so because if you can't have any by nature then you shouldn't feel guilty of yourself because you took no choice into it. You just have to move on and enjoy your life to the fullest in every way that you can because it's the only life you've got...

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