• I couldn't pick just one. But hey, they're my kids.
  • This one.... Dad wa in the army in Fort Sill, OK, when my mom had me. A couple of months later, he got a weekend, and drove straight through to Sheridan, Indiana, they loaded up all they could, including mom and me, and drove BACK to Fort Sill before he was required to be on duty. Technically, he was AWOL, but he never missed his duty. This pic is the first time he saw me. .
  • The one of myself I use as my avatar.
  • I took this one outside my house before a storm. It wasn't in black and white more of a gray scale. Those are buzzards sitting in that dead tree.
  • Off the top of my head, my first response was that great legendary shot (from a film) of Marilyn Monroe with her white pleated dress blowing up. Iconic. But on a personal level it's a photo of my dad (just head and shoulders)in army uniform nad with the soft, gentle expression and loving eyes I remember all my life. He died in 1975 and the photo stood on my mother's dresser until she died, last year. Now I have it and it makes me feel as if he's still watching over me...
  • This is a picture of the first time my husband held my daughter.
  • Pretty much anything by Ansel Adams.
  • the one of my baby nephew in the bath tub, he was splashing around and happy as can be...
  • Sheriff-Raff Answerhag's avatar! That's my favorite! :)
  • One my father-in-law took of my wifes grandmother, forget supermodels, this lady is truly beautiful, she died about 7 years ago aged 93. And my own grandparents on their wedding day, I took my laptop with me when I visited last year and asked if they had any photgraphs i could scan. This is one of only two of their wedding, it was about half the size of a playing card and with scratches all over. I spent about a month playing with the image, and I printed it out on a sheet of A4 and framed it. When I gave it to them for Christmas they cried. Next year is their 70th anniversary and they are still going strong...
  • I have about a dozen favorite black and white photos. My grandmother took pictures at my wedding with an old 110 pocket camera loaded with B&W film. They are the Best pictures we have of the wedding. They are candid and not posed, soft, gentle pictures. I love them.
  • I like this one.
  • One of my father. He was about 28, a weight lifter. He and Mom had just married and were camping at the foot of Mt. Shasta. The picture is of him bathing in a creek, nude, steam rising and swirling around his beautiful body in the low light of an early morning. Mom could take some dynamite pictures.
  • This...
  • My favorite BW of mine is of Brentwood church and cemetery. Done one day in my wheelchair. That is my favorite non-figurenude. I do not really have a favorite exactly. I think mine are all either great, so-so, or just in focus. I am an amateur compared to Ansel Adams.
  • Alfred Stieglitz' photos of his wife, Georgia O'Keefe's hands. Here is one example, but there are many more, couldn't find the one I had in mind, but this will do.
  • Me and my brother had our picture taken in one of those historial photo places. We dressed up as gangsters. We looked hardcore; it was sweet.
  • I have an old B&W photo of my town when the town still had dirt roads. so far it is my favorite.
  • &lt;a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Female Photography"/></a> This is my favorite black and white photo
  • A black and white photo of my mom when she was 18, sitting behind the piano.
  • My dad when he was younger holding a model airplane, he had a moustache back then too :)
  • probably of tombs and temples such as makli hills thatta
  • A photo of my daughter when she was younger.
  • Joel-Peter Witkin's "The Feast of Fools" The imagery may be disturbing, but it is undeniably beautiful. (Warning: this picture is not for the faint of heart)

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