• There are also a lot of people who do not like questions questioning congratulatory questions!
  • maybe they feel left out because they have never been acknowledged.
  • I find that people post them without knowing the ABer they're congratulating because it is an easy way of gaining points, but if the ABer that should be congratulated posts it it sounds like you want an ego trip
  • I can only imagine that they see them as not really being questions, just an easy way to drum up a load of points.
  • I think for several reasons. 1. They think it is point gaming. 2. They think it is a form of gaining popularity through attention. 3. They feel left out. 4. They do not understand the concept from lack of being patted on the back for doing something good. Just to name a few.
  • I have no idea i think its nice to let ABers know they are appreciated when they reach a certain level.
  • Hmmmm. I honestly don't know. It seems like it would be a lot less hassle for them to just ignore the questions :) The only thing is, if I'm going to be congratulated, I want it to be by somebody who actually knows me. Which just isn't always the case :|
  • They only dislike the ones that aren't about THEM!
  • I don't know why...I think people ask these questions to honor their friends. Why would anyone's nose get bent out of shape by that? If you don't want to participate, don't. If it bugs you, you might ask yourself why, since it doesn't impact you at all nor does it prevent you from interacting as you wish with all other questions. Ignore them, they're not your problem. :)
  • Im not sure, recently there has been a huge outburst of neg points when someone asks a congratulatory question.. i cant understand it. If you are congratulating a friend on an achievement, then whats the harm?? I think these people should just ignore the questions if they dont like them.
  • Because of the bloody points it drags in for no apparent reason.
  • I never understood the problem. If you don't want to answer...don't. Move on . Just quit bit##ing about it..... the questions are staying.
  • I think some people go there for easy points. They aren't substantive questions really. I have no problem with them and have asked and answered a few. SDome feel they are magic point mills though.
  • ...and my point is proven! My question has received a DR! I'm sure there's more to come. If you don't like these questions...just ignore the category!!
  • Many say because of point mongering, but I truly believe if this was made into a non-point category, it would still be used just as much. IMO it adds to the camaraderie and appeal of the site.
  • It's funny that you ask. Personally, I think it's cute for the most part. Yeah, it's for points, but it's also for camaraderie. Sometimes I think it gets a bit ridiculous and some people definitely take it way too seriously (on both sides). Proofs in the pudding:
  • there are alot of people who are simply grumpy, or mean.
  • Who cares if there are many. there are many more who do like it. So Democracy RULES well supposedly.

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