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  • I suppose it is working out why you are scared of intimacy... is it fear of being rejected or that you don't belive in yourself that much and maybe lack confidence in relationships (they are just examples it is a personal thing)... and then find ways to address that... the key is to be happy in who you are... and don't make the focus of your life in meeting someone too (not saying that you are! you know what i mean!!)... if it's really making you unhappy go for therapy maybe. Anyways, hope that helps :)
  • If you've been hurt before, it's understandable. You will need to push through that barrier and give yourself permission to try again. Remember the feelings you had before, and try to feel them again. What you are feeling is fear that you will be hurt again. But wasn't that feeling of intimacy better than never having felt it? Keep that in mind. If you've NOT been hurt, then you have to concentrate on the feelings you WANT to have - the ones on the other side of that barrier. You may want to warn your new partner that you seem to have that wall there, and while you want to get past it, you can't do it yourself. If they know this is a problem with you, they may try to help you through it. If it's REALLY someone you want to be intimate with, you may have to force youself through it the first time. Stick with it. It will happen at the right time. Good luck. ;-)

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