• More than likely if payday is on Sunday, I'd get paid on Sunday. But if you're sleeping with the boss it's possible to get it on Saturday, on the other hand of you got too drunk Saturday and missed work on sunday, ya might not go pick it up until Monday.
  • I'm assuming that you must get paid on a certain date each month, and there is a month where the day - say the 30th falls on Sunday. Your personnel or accounting office should know the answer to that question. In some places, you might even get paid on the previous Friday.
  • I guess that depends on whether they hand you a paper check or deposit your check electronically into your bank account. When I received paper checks, and payday fell on Sunday, I would get the check on Sunday. But, when I switched to direct deposit, my money was usually there the Friday before the Payday/Sunday. However, it can vary with your company's policies... so just ask.
  • If your wages go directly into the bank, and the date that you get paid happens to fall on a Saturday/Sunday/Bank holiday, then your wages should go in on the Friday before they're due. ie. If you're due to be paid on the 30th, and it's a Saturday, then your wages should go into the bank on Friday 29th. This also goes for standing orders etc that are due to be paid into your account on a date that falls on a weekend.
  • With most companies, they try to get the payroll out on a business day. That being said, they would want to distribute it in a Friday or following Monday.
  • I'm not sure when my payday falls. My check is sent to the bank and it magically appears in my account. I'm not sure how that works.
  • I think I usually get paid the Friday before.

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