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  • Well first of all melitka it is normal when I was in highschool I got alot of it myself. My opinions were never respected, people spoke over me - it was horrible. You have to make urself be heard! I also was never really included in conversations. But maybe next time you try to start the convosation. Small talk is very hard to think of. Take it frm someone who has been in your situation honey! People used to give me useless advice! It never worked, then one day I just told everyone how I felt, that i just felt left out from all the convosation and that they spoke over me and how rude I found it. We're friends now and we talk lods. They ask me about my life and how everything is going! The truth is you're most likely a quiet person and thats why you are not always heard and spoke over! But tell them how you are feeling, but don't shout just tell them. GOOD LUCK BABY xxxcyaxxx
  • its normal sometimes rude but most times normal. you should just ask is anyone listening or something so but dont let them put you down ok?
  • It's normal in a large group of people. It's also rude, but...what are you going to do? It happens to me a lot too, and if what I was saying wasn't important...I drop it.
  • for me its normal, i personally cant stand being in large groups of people. then again i dont really make much of an effort to be herd. and im quite to begin with. maybe you should focas on that one or two good friends you can hang out with that listen to you and actually have a conversation with you. +3
  • I agree. It is normal and rude. People do it because they are insecure and need to interject their 2 cents without waiting for an opening. They have learned that unless they interrupt, they won't get their thoughts out. I have learned to sit and listen.
  • well, alot of times that happens, u probly realy want 2 talk, but if u let them talk 4 a minit, they will b more ready 2 listen 2 u. Also they probably don't even notice. If you just gently tell them about it they will be more careful, at least for a while.
  • It is rude I know. It happens to me all the time. Get up and walk away. Find some other friends to hang around with if it continues. +5
  • Yes, it's quite normal and also very very rude. They are probably more interested in making themselves being noticed than trying to be nice to everyone in the group. This is usually the case of personalities. Some have great sense of fairness and are sensitive to others and their own feelings. Others may not have developed their sense of caring side toward others well enough to pick up your feelings. So if this happens to me I may just hang around just to past time with them but if I have something to say which may not interest them, I would communicate my thoughts with some other frends who would appreciate and have some intelligent exchanges. Most groups do not really make adjustments to shy ones unless they are very caring by nature.
  • Are these the people you really want to associate with? Small groups are fine, maybe you prefer a deeper connection.
  • it's rude but it happens to me too. Being the youngest in a large family my voice was often ignored. I just learned how to talk louder and make more jokes.
  • Well, if this is happening a lot with diverse groups of people, you should probably look at yourself. You know what they say, the common link in all your dysfunctional relationships is you. Maybe it's not something so terrible as you being really boring, or self-absorbed. It could be something really simple, like you speak really quietly, or a little too slowly. I used to attend a speaking class in the hospital to help people recover from brain injury. They couldn't speak in public because in social situations, we're programmed to listed to people speaking at certain speeds. But, it could be that you are not a great conversationalist, that you try to pull the conversation in the direction you want it to go, that you talk about yourself a lot, or that once you get the floor you tend to hog it. Have heart! all those things can be solved with self awareness and self-discipline.
  • Maybe you work better in smaller groups. I know I do.
  • Are you a shy person and not very outgoing?
  • well i think that it is both normal and rude if they where talking they would wont u 2 listen 2 them and say sumthing bout it or comment on it i think that u should speak up and they should give the respect that u are talking and wat until u r done and than say wat they got 2 say than ask r u done than start talking bout sumthing else
  • Unfortunately, I think this is becoming the norm in our culture. Starting with the talk show and news show hosts who shout over their guests and vice versa and trickling down into our everyday conversations. I find it rude and will not watch that or listen to it on t.v. I also tend to shy away from people like that in my personal relationships. People who are only interested in what they have to say. I find it very rude. +4
  • It's rude to exclude somebody like you in conversations. I don't know why people do it but they're nobodies. If you're in a small group, that may be easy or hard, it depends. Some people are like that. Tell them how you feel about this or walk away and find somebody to talk to or write a diary. You just need to realize this. It's hard to join in a big crowd.
  • Well everywhere u go & no matter who ur with that will always happen, but sometimes u may not be the one ignored, it could be another person too. Yes it's rude but it's also just how some people are. One thing u could do is bring up a subject then ask questions and leave it as an open answer so people could participate in the conversation and even the people that are normally left out could have a chance today a thing or two. Don't gettio down on the situation though because ur not the only one. If my advice doesn't help u then I apologize but then again an alternative is to broaden ur horizon a bit and just make new friends. (: hope I was able to help u out. Sincerely, Promise-Unique.
  • This is nothing. 50% of your communication is listening. The people who talk more always miss their opportunity to listen and understand. You are a good listener. The best thing to happen in a group conversation is the ability to keep silence and control the urge to talk. Talk only when it needed. Almost 90% of the time the person who talk less will be respected at the end. The loosers usually talk loud and talk loose. So you are good.
  • Maybe you are with the wrong people
  • The group of people may have already been engaged in a topic that gets heated up. Then they try to raise a point by getting louder and louder. Maybe you don't notice it, but sometimes that does happen. With a smaller group, its a different story. It's to change the topic if you are talking to them and it's just not right for them to talk over you.
  • very normal, especially if there's like 10 people! they do this because they think other people are more interesting than you though YOU may not think that. all in all, try to sit with less people. then you can fight conversations in. ^^
  • It's the way groups of people act. Usually groups of people are made up of those who enjoy hearing themselves talk, so naturally they are not going to be interested in anything you have to say.
  • When there are large groups of friends, this will happen. It's relatively normal. You shouldn't have problems if you can jump in, occasionally with observations. You may even have to interrupt. Usually you can tell when something someone is saying is coming to a close. Try to jump in while they take that deep breath to continue. ;-) And, sometimes, it may require you to speak a bit louder than you normally would, so everyone knows you have something to say. If THEY say something about it being rude, then you can point out that they do it to you all the time... Why is it rude for YOU to do it, but not rude for THEM to? Then again, just listening, sometimes, you can learn a lot about the subject, or about them, in general, that you may not have known, before.
  • Hi, am I'm invisible I was talking here. Are you being rude on purpose or did you just not hear me, should I speak up?
  • they probably do it cause theyre rude, i dont even have friends to hang out with in the first place
  • 8-9-2017 Yes, it is terribly rude, but in modern America, "terribly rude" is normal. When somebody interrupts me, I turn my back and walk away. Might as well, there is no conversation with that one anyway. The big trouble is that when I meet someone who doesn't interrupt, I don't know how to maintain a conversation because I have no such experience.

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