• Greece,for the people are easy going,the food is great,the weather is mild, there is lots to see and do,and the cost of living is less than in northern Europe.
  • G'day Destructomoose, Thank you for your question. I would suggest the UK or Ireland if you don't speak other languages. Otherwise, I'd suggest southern Europe as the winters in northern Europe can be a real drag just like Canada or the northern US. Regards
  • That would depend if you were moving to retire or moving for work (and what you do for a living, and what language skills you have) ... Personally I would like to suggest two locations for retirement, and spend only 6 months per year at each of them ... The Swedish island of Gotburg in the nice summer ... and Gibraltar or Sicily during the winter months. As for work, Sweden has a good economy going, and the Isle of Gotburg is as south as Sweden gets, but the winters are still snowy and dark, like most of northern Canada or Alaska, so get seasonal work, and only work in Sweden half a year at a time, during the summer ... then work the winter on any Mediterranean island from the edge of Turkey & Greece to Gibraltar.
  • I'd go to Southern France or northern coast of Italy. Good weather, economies not too bad, good living conditions, healthy food.
  • NONE!! stay in america! European countries are not my cup of tea. I would dream to be in North america.
  • Holland, Not a very difficult language (no feminine and masculine stuff etc.) The people here all speak very good English which helps you to settle in. Also it's a small country with many different Nationalities and you don't have to travel by plane just to go somewhere else in the country. Summers are nice, not as hot as places like Spain and Italy but certainly not cold.
  • thats up to you, i think you should choose it

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