• The hot chick from Star Trek, the cyborg... 7 of 9, she was hott!
  • Androids are 100% machine. A cyborg has biological components. (Cyb - machine, org - organism)
  • Also, androids usually appear more human than cyborgs, for cyborgs are a bit more obvious about it.
  • Androids are robotic creatures designed to resemble humans. A cyborg is a half human and half machine. It has some of the intrinsic characteristics of a human being. The cyborg’s body is also comprised of actual human parts. Good question. I've been wondering about this for a long time.
  • :( npc Android good, cyborg friend, cyborg not! :(
  • A cyborg is a CYBernetic ORGanism. The original idea was a body of living tissue, but with a computer for a brain, and possibly a few hightech prostheses. Cyborgs are not necessarily human-based: in many stories and films there have been cyborg dogs, cats, apes, and anything else the writers thought would be cool or frightening. An android (as the root word ANDRO implies) is an entirely mechanical/robotic device built to resemble human beings.
  • Androids are machines that are made to act like men. Cyborgs are machine-man combinations. Cyborgrs are either humans with machine implants or macines with human implants. There is a combination functioning together either yo improve the human part or imrove the machine part.

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