• More pliable stuff can be conveniently tucked away inside your mattress cover (papers, soft plastic, etc.). If you pull the drawers out of your dresser, you can hide stuff in the space behind them (there's usually a few inches of space even when the drawers are closed). When throwing stuff under your bed, place them in garbage bags first. This will make it easier to fit stuff there, and less chance of it sliding out. Never place stuff in your computer case; it will hold a bit of stuff, but it's a fire hazard. . . Once you have done all this, you will most likely realize that the time you took to do this, is almost the same as the amount of time it would take to do it properly. Not to mention the amount of time it is going to take you to find your stuff when you want it, and how quickly your room is going to be messy again from having to search through everything.
  • Is it possible that you have more things...than you need or regularly use? I would start with taking inventory. Most people tend to collect a lot of stuff that they never or rarely use and it creates clutter that can be frustrating to keep clean and tidy. I live where there are actual seasons and so I have my Spring/Summer clothes and my Fall/Winter clothes. Generally, I take stock every other year. If I haven't worn something for the past two seasons, it's time to donate it to someone who will love and use it! If you actually need and use all that you are trying to "shove" out of sight...then I'd look to my closet and try and see how it might be reorganized or added to (such as a second hanging bar for skirts/pants). Clear or solid (plain white or liven up with colors) containers with lids can also be stacked to hold things in "plain sight" while also creating surfaces to display other things you enjoy looking at. Of course, you'd only put things in these containers that you don't normally need on a day to day basis, since you'd have to remove what you place on them...unless you choose ones that slide OUT to reach what they hold.

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