• Neither. Just hilarious.
  • Its a quasi-science. I don't 'believe' it, but I do enjoy reading predictions and I must admit, that my character traits are very similar to that of my starsign (even though I am on the cusp)...
  • It's not a scientific process - it doesn't offer any explanation of why the effects happen, doesn't test explanations and examine the veracity of results, doesn't submit to review or unbiased testing. However, because something's not science, doesn't mean it's a lie. Personally, I don't see astrology as being useful or accurate. The newspaper level two-sentence 'astrology' pages are obviously fake - they use vague and ambiguous statements that could be interpreted in many ways by a majority of people. I suspect that the person astrology readings are done more through character assessment by the astrologist, who expresses what they've discovered through other means by writing it up as an astrological prediction. To me, the ability to read people, to gain understanding about them through the conversations and interviews and then offer advice, seems much more plausible than the effects of the position of a planet on ones fortunes. Ultimately, many human endeavours are self-fulfilling. If you believe you'll succeed, you probably will. If you believe you'll fail, you probably will. Different people get those beliefs from different places.
  • You should really read this: It shows you that scientists and astrologers have more in common as you might think...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I think they should read this:
  • It can be tested scientifically but it shouldn't be considered science, no hard facts or evidence in its favor
    • BRG
      no hard facts? an astrologer can pull someone off the street, get their date/time/place of birth & proceed to tell that person all about themselves, as well as what's going in their life regarding any are they wanna know about......employment, finances, relationships. and so on and so what more 'evidence' would you need? of course they don't get it right all the time, but then who/what does? you think doctors don't make mistakes? or mechanics, etc,? GET YOUR OWN CHART DONE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      This is why the republicans gained power. *sigh*
    • mushroom
      @BRG When the astrologer can get the date/time/place of birth of a total stranger without asking anyone, then I'll take a look.
  • Science. But know this, if science/scientists are going to deny and focus only on things in life considered materialistic and leave out the metaphysical, then scientist will never uncover the Knowledge of Life and hidden secrets at all. That's why spiritual people are not as troubled as other people and are more connected with the world around them.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      And the Earth is flat too. And space is made of sea water. And Elvis and Michael Jackson just had a baby.
  • I say astrology is entertaining: I don't believe the stars alignment has any effect on my personal life. +6
    • Mr PantsFellDown
  • If you back in history, it was considered as a science in many different part of the world. Today's science is also incomplete. Many of it will be considered as a non science by tomorrow's world.
  • It's a self-fulfilling myth, like stereotypes or the republican party.
  • As a very scientific person I do not know exactly how it would work or even why it would work. What I do know is that when you read about certain personality traits and certain compatibility issues between different signs there is something to it. Maybe it's my unscientific approach to investigating it but it just seems to have something to it. But I do not really believe in it. Just a HUGE question mark there.
  • Why not u give ur Date/place/time of birth & check urself if predictions are near to truth. Till u find correct predictions treat it entertainment.
  • Horseapples.
  • Its not even a science. Its like alchemy. Astronomy is science but not astronomy. Lie? Yes.
  • the product of boredom. but then again, what isn't? ;)
  • Science
  • Probably a lie but it is fun to read. I have seen examples of a whole group that were told they were getting a personal astrological reading and were handed a printout of "their sign" they ALL sat nodding and saying how accurate it was. They were then told to pass their personal reading to the person next to them. Everyone in the room had been given the exact same "reading". I think there are certain traits in ourselves that we all like and dislike and you can write a horoscope that will fit just about everyone if you know what these traits are. No one remembers the daily horoscopes that are wrong but always remember the one that was dead right. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. I still enjoy reading it even though I think it's right up there with breaking mirrors and opening umbrella's in the house as far as science is concerned.
    • mushroom
      I opened an umbrella in the house and knocked a mirror off the wall.
  • Science. +5
  • NO, it's not a lie....... those folks who look down their noses at it have
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      True or false questions are not to be answered in terms of "I think" or "I think". Besides, clearly you do neither.
  • I don't know if it's a science, but I wouldn't say it's a lie.
  • 5-7-2017 You don't have to read many pages in history to realize that the sky above the Earth looked very different just a few thousand years ago. You might wonder why the ancients named their god after a planet that most people now can't even point to. Well, they were quite explicit about that: they didn't worship gods named for planets, they worshiped the planets. In ancient days, Jupiter and Saturn dominated the sky, and Venus and Mars put on quite a show for a long time. Here is a careful investigation of ancient myths and legends, considering stories in hundreds of languages from all over the world and going back to 10,500 BC. It is very long, and it is still in progress. Here is a video presentation: Clips:
  • Pseudoscience
  • If it's good enough for Hitler and republicans....
    • mushroom
      One of those is gone, so I guess it's about as good as a coin toss.
    • Sandra Ursula
      I'm Republican, and I don't believe such stuff.
  • Answer by G and not me: "There are two astrologies. You can throw the Western one in the river and take to your heart the Eastern astrology (period). 3000 years of giving an animal characteristics that would liken a man born in that particular time shows the difference between the two."
  • It is a hoary pseudo-science and a scam. It has no validity.
  • not sure
  • True but nobody knows it!
  • i dont really believe in it
  • It's a pseudo-science that's close to lying.
  • i dont believe in it but some people do
  • It's just another one of those stories that tempts you to believe in it. And by the way science is just as bad because its methodology is just as flawed. See the following which was an example of sciences limitations which was placed on the original Answerbag in 2010 and published in 2015.
  • Of these two choices, it's a lie. The horoscopes in magazines and newspapers can fit anyone. Some people told me they read the wrong ones, and they were as accurate as their real ones. Pro astrologers write out long horoscopes foe people, and they say so much that some of it's bound to be near correct. Believers look only at the parts that are somewhat correct and iignore a lot more that's totally incorrect. That's confirmation bias for you.
  • Astrology has been in use for over 10,000 years so I think it has some credibility to it

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