• Yes, because their experience with drugs and addiction will give them a level of understanding and empathy that I do not believe a non-addict is capable of.
  • One thing all animals find convincing is history and ex-addict who's completely clean would be great.
  • Depends on the person. Someone who just got over it might have a hard time b/c they'll have to sit and listen to people remind them about how good it felt to use those things. Someone who has been off it longer would be great b/c they can relate to the people and wouldn't look "down" on them for using drugs or drinking.
  • For sure. Better than someone that just got out of college with a degree thinking they know it all because they read it in a book. Experience is the best teacher.
  • Most of them are.
  • Definitely. They have a more intimate understanding of the demons that their clients are dealing with. My best friend is a rehab counselor and therapist for teens. He once struggled with a pretty heavy psychological addiction to marijuana.
  • A guy came to my husband's High School back in the early 80's from Covenant House and he asked the guy "so what kind of drugs did you do?'. They guy said he never did drgus. At that point, the guy lost all credibility. At least the guy that came to my school was a former druggy.
  • yeh simply because they been through it they know how it feels to be adicted and how it feels now that they are clean the addict couldnt lie about that everything is so fine and dandy while hooked because he would know the truth
  • G'day Lolaman, Thank you for your question. It depends. They could be if they have the appropriate personality and training. However, you would have to be certain that they wouldn't go back to their addiction. There was a case in Canberra where one of our best drug counsellors went back on heroin and was caught pushing it by the police. Regards
  • They are the best at the job. I worked in a state funded methadone clinic and most of the counselors(including myself) were ex addicts. There isn't another person on earth that can understand where a person is coming from quite like a person who has walked in their shoes.
  • They would make the best drug and alcohol counselors because they've been through it. Pretty much anyone who is a drug counselor or sponsor in a 12 step program was an addict at one point, because they have the best understanding of it.
  • Might. That person has been there.
  • Depends on the addict.
  • As long as he does not sniffle in response to pity stories, suspicion would arise.
  • Yes - for sure. Most people who work in that industry have personal experience. Same as psychologists tend to have had some sort of psychological issues at some is what makes them interested in the subject in the first place.

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