• I have a nephew that claimed to. But he lied. Gave himself away claiming visits to Paris. By law Legionaires are forbidden to set foot on French soil. Further their ranks are of very talented criminals as well as mercenaries and combat proven men. The Legion has perks. Great French food, good housing. Women are even provided from time to time, especially prior to a mission. Last case I heard of the Legion in Mecca. being used was 1979 when Iranians took over the Grand Mosque in Mecca Saudi Arabia. Because of religion, Muslims were prevented from going in and killing the terrorists. And only Muslims can set foot in Mecca. So they recruited 150 Legionaires, converted them to Islam and sent them in. I believe 8 Iranis were captured and later executed, the rest killed. I heard that each of the Legionaires was paid $50,000 for the conversion and each received $10,000 forssion. the mission. Not bad for 3 days work. BTW, no American citizen can serve in the French Foreign Legon or any other country's military without forfeiture of American citizenship. And loss of that makes it difficult to ever return home. Were a person a Legionaire, they might retain their first name, but guaranteed they would be given a new last name. All must speak French and Arabic.
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      Nothing that you just said is accurate. Except maybe the part about your nephew.
  • Incidently, my last reference actually links to French Foreign Legion Recruitment. I said French is mandatory. I was only partly correct. Their statement says you do not have to speak French (in as fluently) But they say you better be able to understand it (as in commands) And you will be required to learn Legio Patria Nostra Le Boudin. No you cannot enlist on line. You can contact about 20 recruiting offices in France, phone numbers provided. You can also seek if they are interested at any French Consulate or Embassy. I pity anyone enlisting that can't speak French. Bad enough experiencing a waiter in Paris and not speaking it well.
  • You guys should check things out before spouting off nonsense. served in the legion way back.
  • I am an ex Legionaire, the Legion still holds quite a mystique for lifes dreamers, wannabes and internet warriors. Most third party (ie.not serving or former Legion) comments are very inaccurate Most books are written by deserters or quitters who never completed even their initial contracts and most archival accounts are well out of date. With the number of Walter Mittys who falsely claim to have served in the Legion it is no surprise that fantasy stories abound.
  • yeah i did most of the answers here are full of crap...i served in 2emCIE 3REI...
  • Yes, I have. Ex US Navy and Army. Did my time in 3 R.E.I. Who gives a shit about whether or not your nephew was or is, or ever will be, in the Legion? Whoever you are, you are one dumb son-of-a-bitch, ignorant sack of shit!! Do your homework before you mouth off about any Legionaire! De'merde Toi! Gantisimo
  • Lots of bad wrong answers here but also some correct ones. The Legion serves primarilly in France (most units are stationed there) but not all. After all, France has overseas interests as do many countries. The Legion is a part of the French Army and all orders and responses are in French. French is the language of France..what the hell do you expect? The language is not that hard to learn and so recruits are expected to pick it up rapidly enough and are taught French as part of their basic training assisted by French speaking recruits. Lots of dumb shits and mental cases and people who have physical problems show up to join and are rejected. The legion can afford to be reasonably or unreasonably selective..c'est bon. Frenchmen can join too but these recruits are given a phoney country of origin that also speaks French..for example Canadien. Americans do not lose their citizenship for serving in the legion. The only way that could happen would be if you formally renounced your citizenship or fight against the US. That is not going to happen unless you want it to. Many loyal Americans have served in the legion from time to time and they can have dual citizenship..French citizenship can be offered after serving your contract....5 years or if you are wounded fighting. Lots of people have dual biggie. The legion is the point of the spear for France and if there is any shooting to be done a legionaire can be expected to be involved, perhaps the only ones involved. Maybe the French do not supply as good a tools as the US(sometimes) but the legion has a great can-do spirit that is admirable and better most of the time than equipment anyway.
  • ca somebody please send me the number were i can call the ffl in english at i got a calling card but cant use it its not working please help me someone and send me a number or send me some info on how to join now

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