• The only things they are effective about is stirring up contention and diverting attention from the real issues they are told to camouflage!
  • The media is outrageous. It needs discipline.
  • Yes it helped us find MH370 and the Nigerian missing girls.
  • Fake news helps us distinguish things!
  • When Adolf Hitler wanted to convince the German people to hate the Jews and Catholics the first thing he did was mount a campaign to convince the German people the media was their enemy. He went on to claim all the negative things the media said about him were lies. It worked very well for Hitler because a large portion of the German population was not well educated. It's working reasonably well for that segment of the population today.
    • ReiSan
      That was totally differ3ent. The USA liberal media constantly lies against the president. Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is insane.
  • Deceiver

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