• I like driving with a group of friends, you get tons of pictures, tons of laughs and you dont have to fight for the size of your carry on!@
  • i've never been on a plane but that would be what gets me where i want to go so i'll say that
  • Cruise ship, I like having everything taken care of for me.
  • I snap my fingers and tap my toes.
  • Driving....I love looking at the scenery, listening to good music, time to think and reflect on things...often times I just put in a good CD, zone out, and go. It is very refreshing!
  • I love to travel by train. Great views.
  • Train is fun. But I really love going by motorcycle. It's like you are part of the scenery, even in bad weather. And birds fly alongside. Much better than being in a "cage" :-)
  • I prefer to fly, followed closely by train.
  • Train,train,and train.I have had the very best of the experiences of my life on European trains.
  • When speed is important--air When sightseeing is important-road When R&R is important-ship (cruising) When a combination of all three is important-trains
  • Got to be first-class on the train. You've got your own bedroom and people leave you alone. There isn't any of that hurry up and wait like at an airport and all the meals are included. The food is a step above airline fare and while that isn't saying too much, at least it's cooked to order and not microwaved frozen garbage as on an airplane. Come to think of it, do airlines even serve food anymore?
  • Walking
  • I travl by plane to get some where, and I travel by car to get to work, And I enjoy horse back riding for the scerenity it gives me, where i have open comunication with my horse this communicaation is understood by horse and rider's, this non verbal commuication is personell. And it connects me with all around. There are times when Patch my morgan mare. she'll stop and you can look between her ears from on her back and in beween them there will be a moose, or this one time she spotted a Grizzly bear and another time she spotted a Caribou. She is amazing. We were travelling pretty late and it got dark and we were in this timber and I could not see a thing. Patch she brought us off this mountain there was 9of us traveling we had a moose and the only thing i could see were the polished atlers from the moose. But all that said patch brought us right down to the Dezdeash river, and i could just make out the crossing we had to do this at night. Patch went in no problem but the other horses could not see the crossing and we had to get the pack horses in to the river for it was dangerous 15head of horses scared and all bunched up by the river so Bobby this one pack horse couldn't see and he jumped right over this willows splash and his head was only sticking out of the river he was swiming with a full pack of moose meat amazing. we all crossed and my point being if you have a well broke horse in the field like hunting game they are the best to take they can go places any motor vehicles would wish to could go and you can't beat them in the mountains. so that is my take on travel. I have trucks sure but they can't go where horses can go. And it is a part of my heritag
  • Car.....very closely followed by bicycle. Most of the time it's not practical to ride a bike. If we had good weather all the time and lots of bike trails, I'd ride a whole lot more.
  • helicopter
  • Motorhome With plenty of time to travel from place to place,no time limit.
  • Magic Carpet
  • Plane! :)
  • Car. Road trip, anyone?
  • ROAD TRIP!!!!
  • hiking
  • By car. There is so much to see on a road trip, that you can't see by other methods. Preferably a motor home would be the way to go!

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