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  • Leaving his clothes on the floor, bed and chairs.
  • OMG! Too funny. He has this habit of waiting till the last minute to change lanes and then gets pissed at the person in the lane he wants to be in if they don't let him in. Mind you, that he had plenty of open space for a mile or so that he could have used to change lanes. Irritates me.
  • Calling me to say "I'll be home at (insert time here)" and not actually arriving at home until several hours later. He is so easily sidetracked... I swear... the man's lived 16 years longer than I have, but I'm the older one. I promise.
  • smoking.
  • She walks around the bedroom while brushing her teeth. Teeth brushing should occur over the sink in the bathroom.
  • I would want her to stop squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle and start rolling it up from the bottom.
  • Tailgating. He scares me to death riding up on the butt of the person in front of us.
  • The ironing. He's terrible at it, but I don't have the heart to tell him.
  • How about Rambling on and on about the same thing. You think the subject is just about to be dropped and then, here we go again. Drives me crazy!!
  • I have 2... him walking in on me in the bathroom and cutting me off when I'm saying something that I believe to be important.
  • The biggest issue is that my s/o is a clutter-bug...stuff piled on the dining room table, in chairs, on the coffee table, on top of the dresser. She doesn't put everything away (or throw stuff away) because she "needs it." And also, getting her to help with vacuuming, dusting and other cleaning is rare. It's very frustrating...I can't do it all myself, so the house is never as tidy as I used to keep it. No matter what I do, it gets messed up again in no time.
  • Worrying. She does it too much and it's not good to do that too much. Makes me worry about her.
  • He tends to be pessimistic. I am upbeat, happy and positive (most of the time) Sometimes he can be a downer.
  • Using dip (smokeless tobacco). It's nasty. It makes his teeth yellow and his breath bad. I don't want to kiss him if he has used it and not brushed his teeth. Plus, I hate having "spit cups" hanging around the house. Nasty story - we were in the truck once, and we both had cans of Pepsi in the cup holders. I had pepsi in mine - he drank all his pepsi and was using his can to spit in. I was driving and it was dark...I reached down to the cup holder and grabbed the wrong can...i had a mouthful of his nasty spit before I realized what it was. Had to pull over immediately to vomit. EEEWWWW!!!! I am gagging just thinking about it again.
  • Chasing me out of the pub.
  • To stop going through
  • Talking on the phone just before dinner, EACH TIME!
  • leaving his clothes on the bathroom floor, and smoking, well he only smokes when he drinks so like, whats the point right, just quit i tell him its bad either way.
  • picking his nose... he thinks i dont notice lol
  • I think I answered this earlier but now I would have to add: Intense flirting with married women.

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