• MSG is not healthy - period.
  • MSG is not safe for anyone. It is an excito-toxin. It excites your cells, often to death. It causes changes to the body. Stay away from it period. They used to put it in baby food many years ago but the evidence was so overwhelming they took it out. Here's a great book all about them:
  • MSG is not safe at all for any reason. I read a few years ago over 30% of the population is allergic to MSG yet the food processors still include it in many if not most of the prepared foods for sale. Another article I read said if there is Alzheimer's in your family blood line, ingesting MSG gave an 87% possibility of acquiring Alzheimer's by that person. This is not causing Alzheimer's but MSG is the trigger for a person having the disease. The same is true for aluminum entering the body through anti-persperents or aluminum cookware, or any substance containing aluminum.

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