• Yours is a new player under warranty, so you should take it back to the retailer where it was bought for exchange or, if they won't exchange it after so much time has passed, to an authorized Denon service centre to have it repaired. You will need the invoice to prove when and where it was purchased. If you can't find the invoice, the retailer may be able to provide you with a duplicate copy. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Stereo Equipment - Sales & Service" and/or similar headings to find a repair centre. If there are any disks inside the player, the service personnel will be able to extract them. You may be able to do this yourself, though. With the power disconnected, you should be able to pull the disk drawer open, slowly and gently. If the face of the drawer is flush with the front of the case, you should be able to slip a thin-bladed screwdriver or a fingernail into the gap, one on each side, and slide the drawer open. It will feel be a little stiff when moving, but if the drawer does not move relatively easily, do not force it. A stuck drawer indicates a jammed mechanism or the presence of a mechanical drawer lock.

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