• I would say weed.
  • My wife's ob/gyn actually answered that question for us when we asked. Marijuana is much safer for the human body, as it is generally not treated with all the dangerous chemicals that cigarettes are. While neither is good for you, tobacco is more dangerous, because the damn tobacco companies add all that extra rubbish.
  • which would you happily place in your infants mouth? then your answer would be the other......stop justifying it...apparently your playtime is over
  • I honestly couldn't answer this question, but I have seen what both can do and it isn't pretty. For me if I did something like that and something was wrong with the baby or I lost It would feel great guilt. You just never know who much is too much....
  • most certainly cigarettes since they contain all kinds of horrible chemicals. personally speaking though i wouldn't consume either of them. if i needed to consume weed i'd probably eat it.
  • i would say they are probably just as bad. when a woman is pregnant, she has to think of the life growing inside of her. the organs forming need all the oxygen they can get and if you replace oxygen with harmful chemicals, you might end up with a slow witted child with severe health issues. when you crave a smoke, go for a long walk and get some fresh air, eat chips, chew gum.. do anything to get this idea out of your mind.
  • i would say that smoking weed isnt as bad as smoking directly but you have to think that the worse bit of a joint is the ciggarette and therefore they can both be highly dangerous
  • I think dope. But I would advise neither.
  • Both will contribute to lighter birth rates and possible breathing defects like asthma. One joint of marijuana is considered equal in the number of toxins to 15 regular unfiltered cigarettes. Unless you grow your own marijuana I contend those that prefer it to being better than cigarettes are forgetting formaldehyde, methaphetamine and many other additives are often added to increase potentcy as well as add addictive qualities to an other wise unaddictive drug. Can marijuana be safer, yes! Instead of smoking it eat it or get a vaporizer that does not burn it.
  • I would say the cigarettes.
  • Smoking weed!! Check out this picture!!! Yep!!! It's real
  • you wrote ( I know they are both bad) so why ask?
  • Asking non-professionals is not wise or helpful. I pasyed in links. You read and decide. I would think that in order to have the healthiest baby possible you would do anything necessary. If you have to ask means you shouldn't be doing it until you KNOW for sure. What you are doing is gambling with your babys life.

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