• There are more people in the USA who claim to be Irish than there are in Ireland. There are no snakes in Ireland.
  • Murphy was originally a name given to Viking settlers. Ireland elected the first woman to the British Parliament (she did not take her seat in protest against the British Government) Ireland was the only country.culture where Christianity was introduced without blood-shed. (unfortunately we made up for that down the road : (
  • You can't buy a Shamrock Shake at a McDonald's in Ireland.
  • before the euro the irish pound was called the PUNT.. because it rhymed with BANK MANAGER!
  • Its a beautiful country to visit and plenty of things to see.Fantastic beaches on the west coast.The only downside is the terrible religious conflict where the two religions cannot live together in peace.
  • dublin is the capital, yet cork is the biggest county, an some of us reguard cork as the real capital
  • People were starving to death before they brought in the potato after they brought in the potato the population doubled and then when the blight hit the potato the population was cut in half again. People died of starvation again and many of them left the country emigrating everywhere.

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