• i like to think so...probible not tho...esp...>_< i knew you would ask this question (LOL)
  • I feel like I have a strong 6th sense
  • I sent you an answer to this question yesterday!!!!
  • I think everyone has psychic capabilities. The question is whether or not we can hone in on it.
  • I do have psychic abilities sometimes. I just cant see the winning lottery numbers. Lots of everything has already happened. Thats what people find difficult to accept. the psychic sees what has already happened.
  • More often than not I do feel like that. Even after all these years I am still surprised when it happens. Nothing big, just things I know are going happen...happen.
  • I have many psychic abilities. I can move my fingers and my toes with my mind! (For example!)
  • Some people think I do :)
  • I think Im close. But dont know how to use them.
  • yeah i think i do. me and my friends all do psychic things to improve our abilities. It's real freaky when we get the mind reading thing correct. They were shocked the first time one was like what am i thinking and i said as a joke are you thinking about your dog she got so scared like omg yeah i was
  • I have instinct that borders on the psychic. It is not rational or politically correct and I sometimes override it in choice of an ideal.. usually to my regret.
  • Sometimes . . . like I'll be thinking about someone and they call me on the phone!
  • Yeah, I just my job is going to suck again today.
  • Those are just the meds talking to
  • I don't feel that way, i do have psychic abilities. Many times I have become more powerful than i had been before in decifering others thoughts by using process of elimination
  • I knew you would ask that. :o)
  • Yeah, sometimes - like when i think of someone i havent seen for ages, then i bump into them, or when i wish someone would contact me and then i receive a letter, small things like that.
  • i'm kind of known in my family for having "good intuition" when i say something is going to happen, they pay attention. i've found that when i'm around people with psychic abilities, mine are stronger.
  • i used to see dead people when i was 8 and 9 at my aunts house i stopped seing them when i turned 10 i am 12 now and i just told my mom she says it was just my imagination and trying not to sound like an idiot i said ya i know but i truly think i have some abilities also for one other example i was 9 and it was at night my dog was out side on his chain and i kept having bad feelings about him being out there so i kapt waking up my mom saying go out and get him (2 in the morning) and she wouldnt go and for about an hour i kept it up so i went to my sister (8 yrs old at time) and told her to come with me (i was scared of the dark) and she kapt saying no so eventually after crying alot i fell asleep as it turned out in the morning we found my dog (bruser) out side of his chain dead his chain was attached to a verry long rope on a tree limb (he could go about 20 feet eather way without strain) he had hiung him self aparently somthing had spooked him and he ran around and around and hung himself so does anyone elce think there is some ability with in me? (i think my neibor killed my dog) -samantha

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